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Every year time around Halloween is the time of thinking about new decorations of your home and front yard. The are countless decorations in stores from various themes and setting up the proper theme in front of your house is not always easy and that is why we decided to give you some Halloween decorating tips to help you create a perfect Halloween scene in front of your house. In this article we will present you decorations and props which will really scare your visitors and neighbors.

Halloween graveyard in the front yard

First of all you need to create or choose a story, don’t just pile up decorations and props. The number of decorations is arbitrary but don’t overdo it because you will lose the scene with to many decorations. You also have to choose the type of your scene and stick with it, don’t mix super scary zombies with smiling scarecrows and aliens, it’s just wrong. Many people use themes from movies, tv-shows and even fairy tales but we think that is not in the Halloween spirit because Halloween is meant to be scary and spooky.

The next step is to calculate your budget. See how much money you can spend for decorations and then work around that. Don’t buy stuff that you can make yourself without too much trouble. Carving pumpkins is the Halloween tradition and nobody should buy plastic pumpkins in stores if you can buy fresh uncarved pumpkins. You can make tombstones out of styrofoam and little paint, mummies from cardboard and toilet paper, bats and spooky shadows on windows with some black paper or cardboard, ghosts out of old sheets etc. Take some time and build everything you can yourself and you will get into Halloween spirit even more.

DIY Halloween tombstone

The lights are essential for spooky or scary Halloween house. Scary houses are best at night and when you have appropriate lighting the feeling is much more intense. Always put candles in your pumpkins and lanterns in front of your tombstones and creatures because at night they will look much more spookier because everybody can notice them. If you are afraid of fire or you just don’t want to light all the candles and lanterns then we recommend LED Traditional Look Lanterns which look great and there is no fire hazard. We don’t recommend traditional lighting with power cords. For Halloween less lights is better, leave traditional lighting for Christmas.

Another great addition for your Halloween theme in front of your house are sounds. Put one speaker in the porch and play your Halloween Music Collection. Don’t turn it too loud, leave it as the scary background music. There are countless sound props which can be used for Halloween like Sound Machine – Horror Special Sound Effects or  SCREAMING DOORMAT. Combine them to get the most scares from your visitors. Halloween is spooky and mystic holiday and fog gives a special atmosphere to your haunted front yard. Fog Generators are not so expensive anymore and if you are planning a special atmosphere in your front yard fog will add up to the feeling.

Halloween fog with tombstones and pumpkins

Cobwebs are almost inevitable in every haunted house or graveyard. There are lot of DIY ways to make spiderweb but all of them include glue, mess and hours of your free time. If you want easy, realistic and instant cobwebs than we recommend Cobweb Gun or Cobweb Shooter. By our opinion cobweb shooter is the better solution because cobweb gun attaches to an air compressor and cobweb shooter needs only a Cordless drill and it is cheaper than the cobweb gun. If using cobweb guns and shooters is to complicated for you or you don’t have an air compressor or a drill, you can always buy ready Stretch Spider Webs. Those webs can stretch up to 200 square ft. and there is a version that glows in the dark also.

Halloween cobweb with hanging bodies

If you really want to scare your visitors and you have a big Halloween budget than animated props must be your choice. There is a huge array of animated props and they can be air powered, electric or battery powered. Electric props usually have the best motions but they require electric cord to the prop and if you decide to get one of them we recommend putting it to the porch or near your house to avoid long extension cords on your front yard. There are props with sensor that comes “alive” when somebody comes near it, like the PESTILENCE THE SMOLDERING REAPER which is 6 feet tall and it lights up the eyes, turn the head to you and say a scary saying each time when you come near it. Another type are props with activation pads like Rocking Moldy Mommy which activates whenever someone steps on the activation pad which can be hidden anywhere in the yard.

It doesn’t matter what is your Halloween theme this year you must decorate your facade accordingly. We already mentioned spider webs which goes with almost every scary theme, Jack O’ lantern is a tradition and you need at least one. Fake Blood on windows is also a great decoration and it is easily applied with just your hands. Please note that not every fake blood can be washed away from walls and we advise you to read the instructions on the package before applying fake blood to the wall. Also you can put Skeleton Figurines in the windows to enhances the feeling. Another great addition to your Halloween theme is a Door Cover which is easily applied over your door but it can be very realistic. The door cover goes great with some scary Door Knocker. You can also make custom archways and entrances out of styrofoam or cardboard to enhance the look.

Halloween haunted house

When it comes to props for the yard there are thousands of them in all price ranges. The props must relate to your theme and you must calculate them into your Halloween budget because you don’t want to have non decorated facade and front yard with only one or two expensive props. Choose them wisely and complete the entire scene in front of your house.

If your theme is graveyard or a haunted mansion you will need skeletons and Interactive Skeleton in Hammock can be a great addition to your theme. Also you will need Skeleton bones that can be spread around the yard. Don’t forget the Tombstones and inevitable Spider Webs. If you really want a realistic touch than you can put Cemetery Fence around your yard and a Cemetery sign in front of your gate. A scary graveyard needs some Ghouls, Ghosts and some Zombies too and there is no graveyard without a Coffin.

Halloween graveyard with lighting

Halloween is not about tidy and straight. Don’t clean the leaves, they add to the atmosphere, the tombstones don’t need to be straight and zombies don’t hold their heads straight up. You want the look of abandoned castle or mansion and therefore cleaning is off during Halloween. Also, try to dress up as part of your house theme, this will add up to the feeling and scare your visitors even more. We hope that this Halloween decorating tips helped you to create perfect Halloween scenery in front of your house!

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