A Guide to using cushions outside

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If you’re like me, then you know that the outdoor space outside your home is just as important as the inside—and for that reason, you shouldn’t skimp on the decorations and style of your home’s outdoor space. There are a lot of ways to add décor outside, and one of my favourites so far in my quest to reshape my home’s exterior look is: cushions.

A Guide to using cushions outside

Cushions are versatile, relatively inexpensive, and you can find lots of options that will suit any aesthetic or preference. The following is a personal guide on how to use them outside.

Where to Buy

First, you’ll need to know where to look for some great cushions. I’ve picked some up from various shops and even thrift stores on occasion, but if you’re looking for new ones and a lot of options, check out sites like Simply Cushions NZ. They have a wide range and affordable prices that are ideal when you don’t want shopping from store to store.

Choosing Colors

The colors you use will depend on a few things: how many cushions you have, your preferred colour scheme, and what colors look best with your outdoor space. For instance, if you are looking for a striking colour scheme that really pops then you should consider using bold reds and similar vibrant colours. If you want to go for something more subtle, opt for muted shades such as pastels, soft browns, and greys. Don’t forget to keep in mind that the cushions need to work well with any other décor you have outside, and you don’t want the colours to clash.

Choosing Patterns

One of the great things about using cushions outdoors is that you don’t have to stick with solid colours. Patterns can look great in an outdoor space, so don’t leave patterns out of the question when you’re choosing. For the most part, however, make sure you keep the patterns to a more reasonable level.

outdoor seating area with cushions

For instance, if you have 3 outside, stick to 1 patterned and 2 solid colours. As with the colours, make sure that the patterns work well with any other décor and cushions that will be outside.

Where to Place Them

The most obvious place to put cushions outside is on your deck. They work well when placed on outdoor chairs and outdoor love seats on your deck or back patio, where they will serve two purposes: aesthetic and practical. You can also place them on other outdoor furniture, such as if you have a garden bench in your yard. Remember that you’ll want to place them in such a way that people, who visit (and you) can see them, so don’t be afraid to give them a nice prominent place.

Outdoor cushions are one of the easiest, most convenient—and certainly the comfiest!—ways to add colour, style and true uniqueness to your outdoor space. If you’re ready to transform your outdoor space today, start decorating with cushions!

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