A Homeowner’s Guide To A Successful Interior Cleaning

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Every homeowner’s dream is to return to a sparkling, clean, neat home after a long and tiring day at work. Unfortunately, this could be hard to achieve when you fail to implement the necessary cleaning routines to maintain your home’s upkeep. Contrary to what one expects, you don’t have to consume all day to clean your home efficiently. That’s why we composed this easy to follow interior cleaning guide for average homeowner.

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To keep your interiors looking aesthetically beautiful and organized all the time, you need to apply the proper cleaning techniques. From your bedrooms and living rooms to the kitchen and bathrooms, there are invaluable tips to follow to ensure that they look tidy all the time. Whether you want thorough disinfection or a deep clean, another alternative is to take advantage of the professional cleaning services that Hotsy Carlson and other cleaning companies provide. But if you intend to do the task yourself, here’s a brief guide for you to have a successful interior cleaning:

1. Power Wash Grimes Off Your Showers And Tubs

Not all homeowners pay attention to the showers and bathtubs in their bathrooms. During a typical cleaning routine, most people focus on scrubbing tile floors and wall surfaces or scrubbing grime away from toilets and sinks. But the showers and bathtubs only require some wiping and washing, and that’s it. It’s time to deep clean your neglected tubs and showers using pressure washers. As a result of constant moisture and soap residue, showers and tubs tend to accumulate scum and mold, and mildew can discolor grout joints. The pressure washer is the most effective solution to make it look brand new again.

In the past, you might have tried other cleaning and scrubbing methods to remove stubborn dirt, but to no avail. You can try a power washer to partake in this indoor chore this time. Power washers are likely to clean grimy surfaces in bathtubs and showers. However, there are specific points to prepare before doing this task. It’s best to leave it to professionals, as they know the washer intensity level suitable for indoor washing. A power washer is a powerful piece of equipment that can damage smooth and textured surfaces if used improperly. Once mishandled, it can even cause injuries and accidents. The tool can remove paint from wood, metal, and other industrial elements. Therefore, it’s crucial to be careful when using this machine. When water is pumped into crevices behind tiles, it can get into tiny crevices and cause severe damage. So, to avoid problems, ensure you hire a professional for its safe use.

2. Clean All Fans And Air Conditioners

When you hold a general cleaning in your home, your appliances are often left behind. This time around, don’t forget to clean them. Your electric fans, ceiling fans, and air cleaners accumulate all the dirt and dust from the air, so it’s crucial to clean them regularly. When cleaning fans, one of the most effective methods is to use canned air. It is a type of supply you can find in hardware and home improvement shops. When using it, you can spray the can into the moving fan, and the dust will be blown outside. Do the same care tip for your air conditioner too. The AC is turned on almost daily during the summer, so you can imagine how much work it does. To retain its top shape, you need to clean it regularly. To do this, the steps will depend on what kind of air conditioner you own. For instance, you can remove and wash the air filters of window-type air conditioners. However, it’s best to have a mechanic perform a regular cleaning task for split-type ones.

3. Vacuum All Dirty Surfaces

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most helpful cleaning equipment you need to invest in. While they’re effective for cleaning floors, you can also use them to clean other surfaces, nooks, and corners of your home. With a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner, you can use it for upholstery cleaning in the living room. Use it to remove dust and mites from sofas, cushions, curtains, and more. You can also vacuum tables, cabinets, shelves, walls, decor, wall details, door frames, and window rails. The vacuum cleaner device has the proper attachment to perform these various tasks. Finally, use a vacuum on your rugs, door mats, and carpets. It is the most typical use of a vacuum, and it can do wonders for your floor after the carpets have been vacuumed.

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4. Defrost And Clean Out Your Fridge

Don’t leave your fridge out when partaking in an interior cleaning regimen. After all, this is where all your food and ingredients are stored, and your family’s health must ensure that the fridge is well-maintained and clean. Cleaning the fridge should not be a time-consuming chore. You can do it in 15 minutes. To perform this task, begin by removing all the foods and products inside. You should unplug the appliance by this time, ensuring that your frozen goods are stored in an icebox so they won’t spoil. Start from the top and work your way down, removing food debris from shelves and the inside walls. It also melts the ice from the ceilings and sides of the freezer, so it can clear away. Take this time to rearrange your fridge and get rid of expired items. Use labels to be more mindful of their expiries. Wipe off all the racks and fridge handles with a wet cloth to keep everything clean.

5. Wipe And Dust Everywhere

Of course, you can’t skip dusting when performing an interior cleanup. However, dusting your furniture with an ordinary rag is ineffective. The accumulated dirt and dust on the rag will only transfer to other surfaces if you don’t use the correct cleaning solutions. Therefore, don’t skip using multi-purpose sprays. Use a microfiber cloth and spray this cleaning product before you start dusting off furniture and other home surfaces. Ensure you wipe off all visible and hidden surfaces of the home. Start from one place to the next and make an efficient flow, so you won’t miss out on anything. When the dust cloth needs replacement, replace it with a new one. Much like cleaning windows and other surfaces, always begin on the higher levels and work your way down to the lower ones. Ensure that your damp cloth is clean enough when moving to another location, so the dirt from other places won’t transfer from one area to another.


It feels great and relaxing to come home to a well-maintained living space. And by applying the interior cleaning guide above, you can achieve this. The key is to execute the proper cleaning techniques and rely on professionals for more complex tasks. Perform this cleaning routine regularly to come up with optimal results. Now that you’re done with your home interiors, you can proceed to maintain your patio.

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