The Ultimate Guide to Refresh Your Home

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Refreshing your home may seem like a daunting task because people more often than not don’t know which aspects to focus on to lift their home’s spirits. Luckily, we are here to help with a very simple and ultimate guide to help you on this journey. 

The Ultimate Guide to Refresh Your Home

Most of this guide focuses on simple, yet effective ways to refresh your home, so make sure you invest your time in reading why we think this is the ultimate way to go about refreshing your home.


Decluttering your home has many benefits. Firstly, it will significantly reduce stress and anxiety, and secondly, it will help you feel more organized. In addition to this, decluttering your home will inherently refresh it, as you will get rid of unnecessary stuff that was just clogging the look of your home. These are most often things you don’t use but which have a bit of sentimentality attached to them. There’s a great way to commit decluttering such as decluttering challenges which will keep you more focused and committed to refreshing your home by simply decluttering it.

Keep It Neat

Once your home has been completely decluttered, you should ensure it stays that way. More often than not we don’t have a strong habit of quickly tidying up after ourselves, which can cause a lot of unwanted stuff to get misplaced or get in the way. This is why you should put everything you’ve used back into its place as soon as you’ve finished using it however simple it may sound. It might be a great idea to keep cleaning and tidying up a schedule so you can create a healthy habit of cleaning your house often but without losing too much time.

Bring In Some Plants

What better way to refresh your home than to bring nature inside. There are many options when it comes down to this, ranging from rocks, small fountains, and of course plants. As many researchers have shown, plants have a very calming and fresh effect on you and your house. A very popular choice in recent years is the succulent plants as they are easy to propagate, don’t require as much care as house plants do, and help improve the humidity in your home. Certain succulents also have many medicinal properties, making them quite handy to have around.

The Ultimate Guide to Refresh Your Home - plants

Retouch the Furniture

Another thing you can focus on if you’re looking to refresh your home is your furniture. Furniture often gets overlooked or it gets interchanged completely doing house renovations. Both of these factors are the extremes and there are a lot of options in between that require little effort to kick it up a notch. One of these options is a DIY furniture project which has endless furniture project ideas that you can choose from. It can be as simple as sanding your wooden furniture and giving it a new coating or painting it a lighter color to look fresher.

Change the Lighting

Changing the lighting in your home can impact many different aspects of your home to refresh it. It can impact the overall design, color palette, technology, and even change the overall flow of your home. If you have older furniture in your home, adding a contemporary designer lamp can quickly refresh the overall look. And if your home lacks in color, or you simply like it monochrome, a unique chandelier with a bright color will definitely refresh your home, and make a spectacular focal point. Whatever your current furniture situation is, there are many diverse lighting pieces to complement and refresh it.

Repaint the Walls

Last but not least, repainting your walls is a great way to refresh the look of your home. We often don’t realize just how much the paint on our walls has changed color because it happens so slowly that it’s impossible to spot. This is especially true if we’re talking about kitchen walls as they are the first to get discolored. Repainting the walls to their original color or opting for more crips whiter shades will instantly refresh your home. Repainting the whole house will have a tremendous effect as well as it covers the most of the surface area of the interior decor.

If you’re come to realize your home was in desperate need of some refreshing, look no further than this ultimate guide. It covers all the aspects of what makes a home look crisp from decluttering to adding unique lighting. However, it goes without saying that one of the best and instant ways to refresh your home is by adding plants to it. If they are too much work for you, you might want to focus on the ones that are easy to uphold such as succulent plants.

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    How do you refresh carpet?

    Sprinkle straight baking soda over carpeting and let it sit for at least 15 minutes or even overnight if you can. For a more intense cleaning, work the baking soda into the pile with a stiff-bristled brush. Then vacuum up, being sure to empty the bag or bin as it will fill quickly with the baking soda.

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