Guide to Finding The Right Plumber

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Plumbing problems can cause huge headaches for homeowners. Luckily, good plumbers are easy to find — if you know how to find them. In this article, we’ll walk you through three important aspects of finding the right plumber: where to find them, what to look for, and what else to do to ensure the success of the plumbing project.

Guide to Finding The Right Plumber

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Where to Find Plumbers

You can find plumbers in many places, and you can narrow down your search into three ways:

Asking Around

Word-of-mouth referrals are the most trustworthy resource for finding good contractors. Ask your neighbors, family, and friends — they probably have had a plumbing problem or two that required professional services. They’ll point you in the right direction. They may even help you avoid unreliable providers.

Reading Reviews and Rating Sites

Check out online directories and reviews websites that cater to customers with similar needs as yours. Yelp and Angi are great places to start. A simple Google search may also bring up great websites for your search. Pay attention to the verification statuses of the reviews, and take note of their insights into the plumber’s work. You’ll likely see patterns and common feedback across multiple reviews about the same contractor. That way, you can set your expectations realistically; you’ll also know which plumbers to zero in on or avoid.

Searching Locally

Apart from online searches, you can also search locally by typing in “plumbers near me” on your preferred search engine. This will bring up results on the top providers in your area. From there, you can start looking for more specific details about their service and track record.

What to Look for

When looking for the right plumber, you should search for the following right away:

Professional References

Before hiring a plumber, check their professional references. Don’t shy away from asking your local technicians if they know about the plumber you’re looking to hire. A great example is — they’re professionals with years-long experience and a proven track record.

Guide to Finding The Right Plumber - plumber


Before hiring a plumber, make sure they have the right certifications and registrations. That also includes licenses. If a plumber has all of these certifications, registrations, and licenses, that means he’s been rigorously trained for his job. This also means that he has the right skill sets to service your house. You don’t want an unlicensed plumber doing shoddy work and tinkering with your house’s plumbing.

Insurance and Warranty

But while licenses and credentials ensure quality work, mistakes and accidents still happen. These can cause damages to your property, and the plumbers might injure themselves. These things can be tricky without insurance and warranty as a contingency in case of such events.

Good to Know

Once you’re ready to hire a plumber, you should remember to do the following things:

Check Their Pricing

Before making a final decision, always check their pricing. They should give you a written estimate of their services’ costs before taking the job. Look into the factors involved in their estimate, and ask many questions about their rates — never hire a plumber who refuses to answer such questions.

Observe Their Professionalism

Examine the plumber’s level of professionalism through the way they talk, the way they dress, and whether they’re open to discussing their work ethics and previous projects. Don’t hire a plumber that seems closed-off.

Pay Attention to the Organization

A good plumber also knows how to manage his business well. That entails systematized billing, organized timelines, complete plumbing equipment, and clear project scoping. They should also be on point when it comes to scheduling. And if they expect any delays, they should be transparent about it to you.

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