Basic Tools Every True Plumber Needs in His Set

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Regardless of whether you’re a professional plumber or a responsible homeowner, there are basic tools you need even for small fixes.

Basic Tools Every True Plumber Needs in His Set

Here is what you every true plumber should have in his set.

Tube Cutter

Also called Pipe Cutters or Pipe Slicers, they do exactly what it says on the tin – cut through most piping with ease, producing a clean and smooth cut and doing it very quickly. Ideal for use in tight spaces, they come in a variety of sizes, so every plumber usually has in his toolbox a range of the most common copper piping diameters.

Telescopic Pipe Cutter

The next must-have tool for every plumber worth its salt, a Telescopic Tube Cutter can be adjusted (that’s why it is also known as Adjustable Tube/Pipe Cutter) to cut tubing from 3mm to 35mm in thickness with the same perfect cut. When looking for the telescopic cutter at a plumbing supply online, keep in mind that the available pipe thickness may vary greatly from one brand to another, so make sure you get the widest range or the sizes you most often work with. Some models are enhanced with a built-in deburr that is great for neatening up the final result.

Spirit Level

Intended to provide you with priceless information on whether a surface is horizontal (level) or vertical (plumb), spirit levels come in different sizes but the biggest ones give you the most accurate results. Nowadays, many plumbers take advantage of state-of-the-art technology and prefer digital spirits over classic counterparts, mainly for their high level of precision.

Water Pump Pliers

Also, Channellock or Slip Joint Plier, and Water Pump Plier are simply irreplaceable when it comes to dealing with grip jobs. Perhaps the most frequently used tool of all, these pliers help plumbers to tighten or loosen a wide variety of things thanks to their long handles and an array of sizes of easily adjustable jaws.

Basic Tools Every True Plumber Needs in His Set - plumber set


Do not overestimate numerous virtues of a good old hacksaw – you will need it for cutting pretty much everything, from pipes and nuts to rusted bolts and screws. A truly versatile helper, it is good for use on a broad range of materials including steel, brass, plastic, and wood.

Pipe Wrench

Often described as an iconic item in the plumber’s toolbox, Pipe Wrench has toothed jaws designed for removing stuck pipe and bolts. It is also the best option for handling softer pipes and rounded fittings.

Drain Rods

Nothing can compare to Drain Rods when it comes to unblocking drains and sewers. When clipped together end-to-end, they have magic powers to free any pipe at lightning speed. Remember that most homes do not bother to buy these tools, therefore make sure you do.

Allen Keys

Every true plumber has a set of Allen Keys or Hex Keys if you like the other variant better. Since the great bulk of taps and showerheads are held on with hex grub screws, you will need one of these keys to attach and remove them without spending all day.

Cordless Drill

Despite what you may think, Cordless Combi-Drill is not a luxury, but part of the standard equipment for any plumber. With a quality product, driving screws and drilling holes is fast, easy, and a lot of fun. Naturally, it’s far from being an exhaustive roster of the tools used by plumbers, but it’s a decent set to start with and get the job done!

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