The Ultimate Guide to DIY Conservatories

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Lockdown has provided many of us the opportunity to finally do those DIY bits around the house and take on new projects we previously didn’t have time for. Painting walls, fixing chair legs and sorting out overgrown flower beds have never been so popular. However, there are bigger tasks being completed and the public are becoming more adventurous with their own home improvements. DIY conservatories have been growing in popularity across the country and they are the perfect addition to your home this summer.

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Conservatories

If you’ve never heard of DIY conservatories or are looking to build one at home yourself, we have the ultimate guide to help you with your choice.

What Are DIY Conservatories?

They’re exactly that, a conservatory you construct yourself. But don’t panic, it’s a lot simpler than you may think. You don’t have to worry about choosing the building materials yourself and measuring the amounts, it’s all done for you. Just like flatpack furniture, your order will arrive with everything you need, within the correct measurements. There are various kits available online depending on your needs and wants. Some vendors can offer a completely tailored design service, meaning your conservatory will be completely unique and fit any specifications of your current structure.

From Victorian, modern lean-tos and even orangeries, you will definitely be able to find a kit that suits your style. You rarely need planning permission, but always best to check with your local council, just in case. Most of these kits are incredibly simple to construct and are designed for even a novice. You may want to call in the professionals for some elements, especially if you are wanting electricity in the room, but most stages can be completed by yourself. Full step-by-step instructions are always provided and many suppliers have a customer service helpline who are experts in the construction of your conservatory, so they can give you hints and tips if you do get stuck. If this isn’t enough to convince you, DIY can save hundreds, if not thousands in labour costs and can make the new room incredibly affordable.

What To Do Before Ordering?

Now you know what a DIY conservatory is and are feeling excited about a new project, take some time to consider the following points before ordering.

Your Current Structure

Does your home need any repairs, are exterior walls showing cracks or does your garden need to be levelled out first? There’s little good using all your time, money and effort on a new conservatory just for it to be compromised due to fixable problems in your current home. Take a good look and assess what needs attention before building a DIY conservatory.

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Conservatories - small conservatory

Tools Needed

Depending on your current toolbox, you may need to buy a few more tools to complete your DIY conservatory. Without prior consideration, this could quickly escalate your expenditure and could cause you to go way over budget. Most suppliers will provide a list of required equipment on their websites, so take the time to work out what you may need to buy or hire and add this to your final total so you don’t end up with any surprise bills.

Health & Safety

Health & safety should never be overlooked during any project and it’s important to keep everyone safe while constructing your DIY conservatory. You will be working at height, so make sure any ladders you use are up to standard and you are able to climb and support yourself safely. Similarly, make sure all tools and other equipment aren’t damaged and are safe to use. The use of hard hats is crucial while working from heights, especially if you have children who may wish to watch what is going on. Make sure every visitor to the garden is wearing one.


You want a conservatory that can provide room for whatever function you desire. Conservatories are very versatile rooms and can be used for almost anything you can think of. It’s always a good idea to research the furniture that may be filling the space and make sure you can achieve the aesthetic you want with the size you have chosen. At the same time, you don’t want such a large conservatory that it overtakes your current garden space or can be too costly to heat. The one downside of these rooms is they are notoriously cold in the winter so if you do decide to construct a large room, think about heating during initial stages.

Overall, DIY conservatories are a current trend that we believe is here to stay. With even a newbie to DIY being able to achieve great results, there really is no reason not to give it a go. So, it’s time to take your projects to the next level and begin the venture of extending your new home with dramatically reduced costs.

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