Make or Break: The Considerations When Grooming Your Kitchen

The Considerations When Grooming Your Kitchen

Grooming, renovating your kitchen, especially alone, can be a daunting task. You might not know where to start. Even with an image in your head, execution may be difficult. The process requires thought and careful planning before anything gets done. Here are some considerations you should take before grooming your kitchen.


This is one of the most important decisions to make. The kitchen is a functional room where you spend almost half your time at home in. You need to arrange your appliances in a way that will make kitchen tasks easier. No matter how huge your kitchen space is, ensure that your sink, fridge, and stove are in close proximity to each other. They are the three most useful appliances in the kitchen. The sink is by far the busiest of them all. You should get a sink that can allow you to work well without having to move around too much. This is especially important for kitchens that are always in use. A three-compartment sink can just do that. These sinks allow you to wash, rinse and sanitize in the same spot. The three compartments in the sink are used to separate the three processes.

Elli Bistro pride themselves in manufacturing amazing stainless steel three compartment sinks that will cater for your needs. Their products have galvanized, stainless steel legs for improved durability. Their John Boos E Series Deep Bowl is one of their finest sinks. It is small and would, therefore, require less storage space. The sink has deep bowls that will allow washing of huge pots and pans without any discomfort. If you need more ideas on the matter, Elli Bistro has 10 more great three compartment sinks here.


Design encompasses a wide array of issues; color, materials, and lighting. They should all be considered when grooming your kitchen. Keep designs simple and classy within a reasonable budget. Kitchens can get messy very fast and very often. It is advisable to choose mild hues that won’t amplify the dirt when it is messy. Consider a gray marble countertop and white cabinets. White against gray creates a very mellow environment suitable for all kitchen activities. You can choose to use natural lighting or add extra lighting. A chandelier could be an ideal choice because it is beautified yet functional.

The considerations when grooming your kitchen - beautiful kitchen

Your floor should also be well designed. Avoid titles that get too slippery when wet. Consider using a different color tile or floor material from the rest of the house. This will make it stand out.


Storage space should be available in plenty. Hang enough cabinets to facilitate storage of all your cutlery. Arrange your pantry in such a way that it can fit all your food and extra appliances.

A kitchen is the heart of your home. It is also the most important room in a restaurant. The room needs to be kept beautiful and clean at all times to maintain a healthy work environment. The guidelines above should act as a stepping stone to grooming your kitchen space. It should be aesthetically pleasing, but allow you to comfortably perform all your tasks.

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