4 Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer

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Summers can be challenging! Not only for you but also for your greenhouse plants. The temperature inside your greenhouse can often be several degrees higher than the environment around. This could be quite suffocating for the plants and may not be conducive to their proper growth. Are you thinking of different ways to use a greenhouse during summers? If yes, we have some tips to help you keep your greenhouse cool during the scorching summer months.

4 Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer

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1) Don’t forget your seedlings need enough light

Plants in a greenhouse require at least six hours of light for each 24-hour cycle. That six hours of light exposure is crucial for the photosynthesis process, which will result in the optimal growth of seedlings. At the same time, you should keep in mind that you may not always be able to ensure that your plants get sufficient natural light. In such a scenario, consider using high-intensity artificial lights to provide adequate light to your seedlings. Commercial grower lights can maintain and boost your plants in your greenhouse to ensure that the plants get enough light. What’s more, by using LED lights, you can lower energy consumption and cut costs. While factoring in artificial light, you should consider the light source’s intensity and the time of the year to calculate how much artificial light your seedlings actually need to flourish.

2) Provide proper ventilation to help cool your greenhouse

Ventilation is one of the best ways to cool down the plants in your greenhouse during summer. With an adequate amount of fresh air, you can keep track of the temperature and humidity in your greenhouse. To ensure proper ventilation, you should keep the side vents and roof vents in your greenhouse partially open to create a passage for air circulation. Doing so will help hot air to escape and cold air to come inside. Follow these greenhouse maintenance tips to create an ideal environment for your plants to flourish. Remember, maintaining a greenhouse will be a lot of investment in terms of money, time, and effort. You don’t want to lose it all by forgetting to ensure proper ventilation for your plants.

4 Ways to Keep Your Greenhouse Cool in Summer - greenhouse

3) Provide shade for your greenhouse

Providing shade for your greenhouse is vital to keep it from overheating. You can do this in two ways. First, by planting trees of different heights, you can ensure that younger plants do not come in direct contact with harmful ultraviolet rays. Trees will provide shade to young plants yet allow some light to pass through to ensure that plants keep growing. Secondly, you can install cost-effective shades in your greenhouse to help regulate the amount of light and heat the plants get.

4) Try damping down

Damping down your greenhouse is an easy process to keep your greenhouse cool, even during times of severe heat. This is an excellent trick you should try during scorching weather. To damp down successfully, you should raise the humidity levels inside the greenhouse by wetting the hard surfaces, such as its shelves and floors. After the water evaporates, there will be an increase in the plants’ moisture level to keep them cool. When the weather is scorching, it is better to damp down as often as possible but make sure you do not overdo it.

In Summary

Keeping your greenhouse plants cool during summer is essential to ensure their overall health. Over-watering your plants is not a solution, as some plants may die if you do so. Follow the tips we’ve suggested in this article to ensure that your plants thrive even during the hot summer months.

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