Three Advantages to Going Green in Roofing and Contracting

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When hearing the phrase, go green and save the planet, you commonly think of our environment. Another most used is reduce, reuse, and recycle. Somehow, you may want to start building your homes with environmental materials. When we talk about building a green roof using greener building materials, families who chose this can benefit from the improved comfortability in their homes. At the same time, it helps the environment. And, greener building materials support the health of the family. It also reduces utility bills in the long run.

Three Advantages to Going Green in Roofing and Contracting

Across the country, we need to start creating a difference to help our planet and the homes we live in become sustainable and eco-friendly. Listed below are the three reasons why roofing contractors should consider offering a green makeover to their clients.

Environmental Benefits

Our environment can be deeply affected by building procedures, materials, and operations. More often than not, that impact is negative. Shingles can clutter landfills. This way, it can harm water and air quality. Building materials such as concrete, steel, and aluminum are responsible for excess carbon dioxide emissions. Air, water, and land pollution can occur harshly and fast from incurring waste. Contractors must be accountable as well. When building green, contractors save and promote biodiversity and the ecosystem. We can do this by using recyclable materials in our products, shingles, and other building components. If you are concerned about the installation, it is significant to read manufacturers’ recommendations for every product that is being installed.

A green roof is a practical means of increasing vegetation in urban areas where the open space at ground level is limited; but, rooftops are largely unutilized yet remain inaccessible and contribute to the stormwater flow. Generally, green roofs offer many advantages. For instance, it decreases the use of energy by reducing cooling and heating loads. It also increases building standards as it gives aesthetic value and amenities. It can also help improve urban air quality. In addition, it improves stormwater flow, mitigation, reduces air temperatures, and lessens noise in urban areas. Moreover, it supports in removing urban stormwater pollutants and lessens urban heat island effects. This article provides you information about how efficient green roofs are in protecting our environment. Therefore, the more implementation of green roofs in the developed cities, the more sustainable life we can get. We must promote urban sustainability as we move forward to the future. How? Go green!

Health Benefits

One of the most excellent benefits of building green is the enhanced health opportunity. A green roof will use green building components that promote a better quality of air in the house, adding thermal and auditory quality. It means the utility system will function less to keep the temperatures in the home. Overall, families will experience a higher level of comfort and health. While helping to save the environment from further damage, homeowners will also be enhancing the overall quality of life for the whole family- a big selling point when discussing these types of roofs, and green roofs in particular, with homeowners and clients.

Three Advantages to Going Green in Roofing and Contracting - grass on roof

Economic Benefits

You cannot notice the economic benefits of green roofs right away, as many building materials and installations of building green cost more expensive in the first place. In the long run, homeowners can expect a dramatic change in their utility bills as they go lower. In addition, green roofing increases the value of a home when the homeowners end up selling it. Since most green building materials are high in quality, they also last longer and offer a more sustainable construction, design, and operational cost. When it comes to the health of your family, you do not want to sacrifice any expenses. Having green roofs save money in the long term, enhance the overall quality of health in the family, and of course, protect the environment.

At Rugged Roofing and Restoration, we support green roofing and very much welcome this idea. We encourage our clients to take some steps in helping our planet to heal. Aside from that, we understand the importance of green building amidst the changing world. Rugged roofers are the best in their profession as we take our job seriously and passionately. We live in our virtue to provide quality roofing services to our clients. With so many years of experience, our clients have trusted us with their roof repairs and other roof services. Our roofing professionals conduct thorough roof inspections and recommend necessary actions to take. You can rely on us at any time. Call us to schedule a roof inspection.

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