DIY projects with epoxy resin

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Do you love DIY projects, but are struggling to find inspiration for your next project? Well, it could be time to work with a different medium! Changing up your routine and working with materials that you typically don’t use can help spark inspiration. One material you might have heard of, but haven’t yet tried using, is epoxy resin.

DIY projects with epoxy resin

While epoxy resin can be used as an adhesive, there are also several fun DIY projects with epoxy resin you can do with it!

What can epoxy resin be used for?

There is a lot of room for creativity here! You may already be familiar with the idea of epoxy resin tables, which is where a gap in the table is connected with epoxy resin. Many people add additional elements to the epoxy resin, such as rocks, to further give the table a unique look. That’s not the only way epoxy resin can be used though. It can also be used in jewelry, cast molds, artifact casting, model building projects, and more! It also has more practical uses, such as being used as a glue.

What are some of the advantages?

If you’re still wondering why you should use epoxy resin, consider the following advantages. It is an impact-resistant material, which means it will not shatter or splinter. It also acts as a good adhesive on most materials, including wood. And when it is prepared properly, it is very resistant to cracking. The durability of this material, as well as the transparent appearance, is why many are drawn to using it.

Are there any disadvantages to epoxy resin?

Like any material, epoxy resin does come with disadvantages. Sometimes, epoxy resin will develop a yellowish tint if exposed to sunlight. It can also be hard to achieve a flawless finish with epoxy resin. If you’re not careful, it is very easy for bubbles to develop in the material. Oftentimes, these bubbles will not become visible until after the epoxy resin has cured. It can also be challenging to keep dust off of the epoxy resin while it is hardening.

DIY projects with epoxy resin - necklaces

What happens if my epoxy resin gets bubbles?

Unfortunately, epoxy resin is prone to bubbles. The best thing you can do is make sure bubbles do not develop in the first place. This can be done by not shaking containers, keeping a steady hand while mixing, and sealing items with a thin layer of epoxy resin before pouring a larger amount on. If your liquid develops bubbles, you can try heating the bubbles out.

What do I need to know about processing time?

When it comes to choosing a project, you are going to want to keep processing time in mind. Over time, the epoxy resin becomes harder and more difficult to work with. Eventually, it becomes cured, which is when it reaches a state of complete hardness. With a short processing time, it is easy to use epoxy resin to achieve a layered look in projects. To learn more about epoxy resin and processing times, check out this epoxy guide from It’ll also help you learn about the different types of resins available to help you choose the best one for your project.

Can cured epoxy resin be further processed?

Once epoxy resin is hardened, it can still be further processed! Cured epoxy resin is hard plastic, which means you can sand it, drill it, and polish it. It can be challenging to remove epoxy resin from unwanted areas, however. You would have to reheat the epoxy resin and then gently scrape it off. This can be problematic and lead to permanent damages to the other material (for example, a wooden table might get burned).

What to consider when buying epoxy resin?

When you get ready to buy epoxy resin, keep in mind that cheaper epoxy resin may not cut very well or may develop a yellowish tint once cured. This tint then intensifies even more when exposed to sunlight. While high-quality epoxy resin can be expensive, keep in mind that you are more likely to achieve that transparent look that you’re going for with it. High-quality epoxy can also be easier to mix and cut.

Final thoughts

If you’re ready for a new challenge, why not give epoxy resin a try? While it might take several attempts before you get used to how epoxy resin hardens, you can get creative with this transparent material. From creating unique looking tables to floor coverings to creating castings, what are some ideas you have in mind?

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