3 garden trends we expect to see boom in 2022

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Every new gardening year seems to come with a new set of garden trends for enthusiasts to keep up with. Staying well-informed about the latest of these trends can be difficult, especially if you are only a casual gardener.

3 garden trends we expect to see boom in 2022

For seasoned professionals and newly initiated green thumbs alike, we have listed the three garden trends we expect to become particularly popular over the coming months. Give them a try, and see how much leafy goodness they bring to your garden.

1. Homegrown, harvested goodies

Interest in homegrown produce has been on the up in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue well into 2022. The environmental benefits alone could make homegrown, harvested goodies a fabulous idea – and by ‘goodies’, we are referring to growing your own fruits and vegetables at home in the back garden. Consider installing a home-sized garden orchard, greenhouse, or vegetable plot. Under the right conditions, fruit and veg can grow all year round. While this venture requires a little work, benefits to both your health and our planet could certainly be reaped in the long run.

2. Be bright, bold, and beautiful

Forget about run-of-the-mill shrubbery, this year is all about vibrant colour! Flowers and bouquets are expected to be bright, bold, and beautiful. Usual stars of the show include the lovely Philodendron Pink Princess, but we’re thinking a little bolder. Take a chance on adorning your property with reds, oranges, and purples: crocosmia, salvia and canna are set to be very popular in 2022. We’re very used to the high sales of green-leafed plants, such as the spider plant ‘Variegatum’ or the asparagus fern ‘Plumosa’. Instead, low-maintenance plants in vibrant shades are predicted to overtake these sales – for example, the red Anthurium Laceleaf or the bright Bromeliads.

3 garden trends we expect to see boom in 2022 - garden

3. Gone are the days of natural grass

With drier weather coming our way – thanks to climate change! – it has become immensely difficult to care for and maintain a natural lawn. Unfortunately, it just so happens that the lawn is an integral part of the usual garden: plush grass frames our potted plants, our patio, and our garden furniture. Speaking of the latter, there’s no shortage of fine contemporary furniture options that could add both appealing aesthetics and practicality to your outdoor space in 2022.

This year, we expect a push towards the artificial. Lush, low-maintenance gardens are becoming increasingly popular… for good reason! Even for gardeners with a talented green thumb, taking care of the lawn day-in and day-out can be positively exhausting. Avoid the fuss and hassle altogether by scrapping your natural grass and investing in an artificial grass supplier and installation.

Well-done artificial grass installation can feel realer-than-real, and indistinguishable from an actual lawn. Depending on the thickness and texture of the artificial lawn you choose, it will be like walking on a soft bed of heavenly grass, without the bugs! Rest assured that this is one of the most prominent garden trends we expect to see boom in 2022.

Change with the times

Don’t be afraid to try something new with your garden, this 2022. The New Year is always about change, and sticking to the usual gardening tips-and-tricks isn’t always the right thing to do. Branch out with the above gardening trends, and watch your landscape transform for the better.

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