Garage Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs

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Garage Maintenance Prevents Costly Repairs

Recent property fires prompted Quincy Missouri authorities to remind residents of the importance of garage safety. The Chief Deputy of the local fire department urged homeowners to keep flammable items away from heat sources, which highlights the importance of garage maintenance. While the practical benefits of an organized space is well known, at times the safety benefits can be overlooked. Simple things, such as keeping a garage door in working order, can aid a homeowner in preventing costly damages and injuries.

Proper Storage of Hazardous Items

Items homeowners deem too unsafe to keep in their homes are usually stored in garages. This may include propane tanks, gas for gardening equipment and car maintenance fluids. It is especially important to properly store these items since garage fires can be more destructive than fires started in any other part of the home. It is preferable to keep these items in a shed away from the garage or home, but if this option is not possible then these items should be kept out of reach from children and pets. Lockable cabinets installed away from heat sources  should meet storage and safety needs. Keeping storage bins on high shelves is also a viable option.

Avoiding Painful Slip and Fall Injuries

Vehicles parked in garages can also prove to be dangerous by creating slip and fall hazards. This can be due to fluids leaking from the vehicle or ice and road salts accumulated from driving. Over 1 million hospital visits are attributed to slip and falls each year. This is why many commercial garages use slip resistant epoxy flooring, however this can be costly for the average homeowner. A garage parking mat is an economical alternative to epoxy flooring and can help reduce painful slip and fall accidents.

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Regular Maintenance and Safety Checks

As mentioned earlier, homeowners should consider maintaining garage doors in working order. This is not just for aesthetic purposes: replacing a garage door can be costly. An improperly closing door can also pose a safety risk as it cannot keep unwanted visitors and animals from entering. Regular maintenance should ensure a properly functioning door.

Electrical cords should also be regularly inspected. Any cracks or damage to the cord can create a safety hazard. It is preferable to avoid using extension cords to power any appliances kept in a garage. However, if extension cords must be used then avoid driving over them with your vehicle. Always keep in mind that damaged cords are dangerous.

Once a garage is organized and safe, it is important the owner maintains the cleanliness and safety of the garage. Taking preventative measures will help save money on expensive repairs and hospital visits.

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