How to pick gaming room lighting

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It is every gamers’ dream to have an awesome and customized gaming room so that they could have the best possible experience while playing. Having the best and most powerful gaming PC or Console, together with a comfortable gaming chair, is ideal. Simply buy or download your favorite game from a download portal and you’re good to go. Or if you had a hard day and just want to relax, then you can always play your favorite games online as well, for example at World of Card Games.

Unique gaming room lighting

However, what truly completes the gaming room experience is the use of various LED lights to decorate your gaming space.

What are gaming room lights?

Good gaming room lighting will provide excellent lighting and mood for when you want to relax and play your video games. Lighting should be decorative and functional if you want to have the best gaming experience. It offers a way for gamers to customize their personal gaming spaces and could serve as an outlet to express their creativity. And most importantly for gamers, it would greatly enhance the coolness factor of their gaming experience. Having the right lighting can elevate your gaming experience to the next level. The correct lights could further immerse you in different video game worlds, keep you focused and adrenaline pumped during intense boss fights or multiplayer games.

Some things to consider for gaming room lights

Gamers have a lot of variety and options to choose from when deciding what kind of lights they want to use for their setup. Choosing the right colours and types of light might be a bit daunting, but here are some tips to consider.

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Finding the right type of light

There are a large variety of light types and combinations that you can use in order to decorate your gaming room. You can use skylights to cover your wall or ceiling in decorative light. A popular option is to project a star-filled sky. There are also laser lights that are a good way to add flair and brightness to your room while staying energy efficient. Then there is the standard LED light that would provide a soft and relaxing light that comes in all sorts of different colours. Whatever your choice, it would surely enhance the appeal of your gaming space by several levels.

Know your needs

You should consider your lighting needs if you want to lighten up your gaming room. Do you have a small or large room? If you have a small room, then you would need less lighting compared to bigger gaming rooms, and some lighting systems might not fit. A standard sized room could fit a laser projector or a skylight. While a large basement could fit all sorts of lights and projections.

Amazing gaming room lighting


You also need to plan where to install your lights. You could put backlight your monitor to fill the space with an LED light that would match or complement your PC’s lighting. You could also go for the full room experience by using projectors to fill the room with light. The walls and ceilings are also great places to install your lights. Cove lighting would give a semi-dark effect that would glow wonderfully together with any pc setup. You can change the light of the LED lights on the wall and ceiling depending on your mood or the game you are currently playing.

Choose Complementary Colors

If your gaming pc has red lights and your gaming chair has red patterns, then you might want to get red LED lights or other complementary colours. You might also want to consider keeping your ceiling dark to help prevent any glare from glass surfaces like from your pc or TV screen.


An often-overlooked factor to consider is the temperature produced by the lights. LED and CFL lights can come in all sorts of different temperatures. You won’t want to be stuck all day playing in an increasingly hot gaming room.

Minimize the Wires

Wires are always a hassle and an eyesore for gamers. A console or a gaming pc would need lots of wires to function, so there is no need to add to the mess of wires. Consider getting lights that minimize wire usage. You can use USB projectors, Laser Lights, and many more types to personalize your gaming space without the need for tons of wires.

Your Personality and Preferences

A gaming room is supposed to be your throne room where you relax and have fun while playing video games. As such, Personal preferences must always be a priority. If your favourite colour is red, then get red lights. If you enjoy variety, then you should choose lights that can alternate and change patterns. Create a unique space that is entirely right for you.

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