How to Furnish Your Dorm Room: Creative Tips from a Designer

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Your dorm room is a place to eat, sleep, study, and have fun. So, you want it to be comfortable, stylish, and cozy. Our team of experts from has interviewed a top designer to know all of the details.

How to Furnish Your Dorm Room

Tip #1: Learn About Rules

Decorating and furnishing a dorm room is a really fun thing to do, but you have to make sure you know the rules before you begin so that no one can come over later and tells you to take down a pop-art picture, wooden bookshelf or stylish lamp. Typically, there are prohibitions on real plants, wall paint, and nail holes. Anything you take in had to go away without harming building structures. However, there are some tricks you can try.

AliExpress, in that case, is a godsend. For instance, if they do not allow you to put nails in the wall, get adhesive hooks that will free some space and hang almost anything, starting from hats and ending up with paintings. According to a designer, having some kind of accessories on the wall makes you feel at home. These small details will set the tone for your dorm room. Despite all of the rules, a college bedroom is a great place to show off your personal style. So, what you can do with this tiny space? Let’s use a bit of imagination and make your dorm room not only stylish but also multifunctional.

Tip #2: Add Some Space

Usually, when a student moves in a dorm room, there are tons of boxes full of useless stuff. And guess what? There is only one small closet for all of that. Well, we know a way out – use under bed storage boxes. They are big enough to fit sports shoes, bags, or books and compact enough to get under your bed. The second way to add some space is to buy a clothing rack. It is a quite cheap thing that will serve you as a second closet.

Tip #3: It Is All About the Details

To create a more inspirational atmosphere, layer some wallpapers behind your bed. And remember, use the ones which are easy to put on. Instead of filling the entire wall, try to do it directly behind your bed. When it comes to college dorm room decorating, the bed is a focal point, and you want to layer lots of patterns and colors on it. For instance, order a bedspread with a beautiful medallion style pattern. It is also about being practical. You can have 400 pillows on a bed if you really want to, but you are never going to live like that. Choose a stylish set of cushions instead and use it for decorating. Now, let’s talk about various options to furnish your dorm room.

How to Furnish Your Dorm Room - amazing dorm room

Idea #1: Monochrome Decorating

Create a cozy-chic space with layered monochromic tones and textures. Stick to neutrals materials and then use some metallic details to bring in complexity. We recommend starting with the floor and adding a cream-colored wool rug. A nude poof on the floor will bring in more seating options, and a black and white photo of your family will create a peaceful atmosphere. You can also make your desktop more functional with the use of a wall pocket, a basket to hold supplies, and a brass lamp for an extra work light.

Idea #2: Experimental Style

Design an impactful space with a combination of dark colors and black and white art. Put dark tones rug that establishes some pattern and texture without being too loud on the floor. Dark blue bedding will be in harmony with the rug. Your bed in a dorm room is a focal point, so make it more inviting with a mix of patterned and fuzzy throw pillows.

Idea #3: Colorful Room

This is an idea for those who like bright colors. We recommend decorating your dorm room by using a pastel rug with a geometric pattern, a bright throw blanket, and curtains in a “pop art” style. If it is not prohibited, add some color with the help of motivational stickers or movie posters. Actually, the dorm room is a place where you can experiment with furniture and décor every week, so why don’t you try all of the three options and figure out which one works for you best?

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