Fresh and New French Home Decor Ideas

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French home decor is all about the details. The country has a long history of fashion and interior design, but it’s their attention to detail that sets them apart from other countries. French decor has always been seen as a style of elegance and simplicity. This is not surprising since many French homes are designed in this manner. The key to creating a French-inspired space is using natural materials, such as wood and stone, combined with muted colors that allow the textures to stand out.

Fresh and New French Home Decor Ideas

Here, we will explore fresh new ways to bring the look of France into your own home!

How to Create a French-inspired Space:

Here are some ideas and tips to bring the elegance and luxe charm of the French interior to your dream home.

Floors and Walls 

The key is to use warm tones like light browns, tans, and yellows. In contrast, dark colors should be avoided. Choose fabrics that have an earthy feel, such as linen or wool for upholstery. Opt for beige shade area rugs for the floor. A cool temperature of paint is ideal for the walls to keep them from feeling stuffy and cluttered. French is all about minimum and light decor. And it is better to use a single color all over the room rather than two different shades. Don’t forget a few floor plants to incorporate nature in your home decor.

Furniture and Decorations

An airy ambiance in your space can be achieved by incorporating glass or crystal into both furniture, fixtures, lighting, tableware for breakfast time on weekends with friends. French home is all about large windows and open spaces. They love those big windows that let in the natural light. Furthermore, the French love to keep things fresh and new, so they always change their décor. This is why you should think about adding some vintage or antique pieces and modern ones that will create a unique look for your home’s style while still keeping it authentic to its roots.

Artwork and Pictures

French people are great fans of art and fashion. They love the artwork. They always inspire fashion trends. French home decor includes artwork or pictures that depict countryside scenes, gardens with roses, and tulips in bloom to bring in a little bit of the outside. These images are often framed by dark wood to balance out their brightness. Photos should be either black-and-white or sepia-toned prints if you want to go for an authentic look. Also, the French style living rooms are incomplete without art, paintings, and sculptures. Make sure to pick out artwork that has an antique feel or is framed with dark wood, and you will be able to achieve the French style for your home.

Fabric in French Style

Another tip is the use of fabrics in French decorating styles. Fabrics are often used as curtains, tapestries on walls, and upholstery for furniture. The fabric should be of a denim material that is light and airy, as it will go well with the French style’s use of windows and doors to let in natural lighting from exterior spaces. Moreover, French bedding loves the luxurious feeling of silk, satin, and velvet.

Rugs Everywhere

The French love to cover the floor with rugs, carpets, and runners. The French feel that the rug’s purpose is to absorb noise, and they also add warmth to a room without heating it too much. A great idea for achieving this in your home would be putting large area rugs in hallways and other high-traffic areas. They love to scatter them in front of their furniture, giving the feeling that it is a part of the room. In addition to this, they love floor mats and runners for bathrooms; they are said to add airiness and make people feel more refreshed after using them. They also use rugs on stairs as decoration or sometimes even as functional protection from muddy shoes. If you have an antique rug, then it should be displayed prominently in your home. The French will use the carpet or runner to define a space within their living room. They even put them on chairs as well! This is a great idea if you want to add some color and pattern without fear of having something that looks too busy.

Fresh and New French Home Decor Ideas - living room

Wrapped Furniture or “Colonnes”

One way to achieve the French home decor style in your space is by using furniture that has been wrapped with fabric and then stapled together, so it appears as one solid piece of furniture. This type of design technique can often be seen in kitchens where the old wooden table legs are wrapped in fabric and joined together with metal brackets.

Paint Colors 

When it comes to painting colors, the French love to use light neutrals that appear as a soft brown hue such as beige or ecru, especially when they want their home’s interior design to look traditional. You can also find this look by painting the walls white and then using black to cover any molding or baseboards. The French also like to use blue as an accent color, especially in bookshelves where they might want a splash of freshness against all those old leather-bound volumes that are seldom read anymore.

French Style Furniture

The French-style furnishings are usually made of wood or metal, which can come in all shapes and sizes. The metal is usually painted white, but it can also be found in colors of bronze or black. The French prefer to use softwoods such as pine and oak that will age beautifully over time for wood furniture.

French Style Accessories

One thing you’ll notice in French homes is their simple yet elegant accessories such as furniture, rugs, and curtains. When it comes to light fixtures on the ceiling or chandeliers, they will often have a rather simple design with just one bulb per arm of the fixture.

Traditional French Style

A traditional French look is characterized by ornate furniture, high ceilings with wrought-iron chandeliers. Moreover, a fireplace dominates one wall of the room, rich colors like golds or deep reds trimmed in white or silver. This can be seen in many of the famous French chateaus like Versailles.

On a Final Note

As you can see, there are many fresh and new French home decor ideas that will help transform your space into a cozy retreat. If one of these styles has caught your eye, or if you need more inspiration for updating the look of your living room furniture, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We have years of experience in the industry and know our way around all things rug-related. Whether it is finding rugs with an exquisite design or providing advice on matching a rug with your interior, we are here to serve you. And as always, RugKnots provides free shipping nationwide, so there is no reason not to invest in some beautiful pieces now!

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