5 Best Nature-Themed Designs for Your Home Décor

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Life in cities has its own charm and fascinates us with rhythm and dynamics. But bustle and speed get tiring over time, and closeness to nature gives energy and relief. At first, the natural design was designed to “save” residents of megacities. Now it is rapidly gaining momentum, and it no longer matters where you live – in an apartment or a country house. Everyone needs rest and recharging. Imagine a home that energizes and helps restore strength. The paradox and great plus of this style is its ability to harmoniously combine minimalism, loft, hi-tech and other trends.

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Here, natural materials have become friends with technological innovations, because technologies help to treat resources and the environment with care. Eco-design in the interior is a combination of responsibility and comfort. To create the appropriate atmosphere, wooden elements and indoor plants are not enough. The philosophy of style is much deeper, so we suggest getting to know it in more detail.

Natural materials.

Try to do without plastic and other obviously artificial surfaces. Veneered boards, plywood, furniture board, wooden decorations of chipboard and stone – there are many options. It is better to refuse painting, at most – oil-wax, varnish, stain.

Natural colors.

Instead of saturated shades and complex combinations, choose a calm palette: white, beige, blue, olive, mustard, or terracotta. Colors should be associated with nature: sky and water, leaves, tree bark, etc.

The simplicity of lines and forms.

Complex – is not always beautiful. Laconic geometric shapes and minimalist design are the basis for furnishing and decor in an eco interior. Free space. Get rid of excess furniture, partitions, and everything that clutters the room. Large panoramic windows and thoughtful lighting will be a plus.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 most widespread nature-themed designs:

Accessories and decor in nature-style

Accessories should create a clear understanding of what nature style is. Wicker baskets and chests, bamboo, and indoor plants are must-haves. Considerable attention is paid to textiles (cotton, linen, mat). It is better to make curtains light and weightless so that there is a lot of natural light in the room. For those who decided to abandon classic curtains, roller blinds and Roman blinds may be suitable. Can’t imagine coziness without wall art? Decorate the walls with still lifes or landscapes in calm shades. Even more natural prints and motifs! An aquarium, terrarium, or flerovium is always a superb idea for an eco-style decor.

Your own jungle

In order to fully convey the atmosphere of nature in your room, surround yourself with plants: the more the better. For example, install a “living” wall decor of climbing plants above the bed or sofa, add a few large vases with greenery in the corners of the room – and voila! Your eco-room blooms inspiration and radiates style. Such designs look best in mono-interiors, where one main color prevails, mostly white, and a couple of others in order to make a color accent and bring some interest. As an addition, tropical wall art will do! It is a great and modern way to decorate a living room or bedroom without any effort. A palm tree, tropical large leaves minimalistically designed on white, or a simple floral print will complete a marvelous and fresh interior design.

jungle kids room

Does naturalness in the interior mean always a green color choice?

Of course not. Although for someone, only the green color is really associated with nature, freshness, and determination, it is a symbol of the beginning, health, and energy. Instead, it is better to add minimalistic colors to the interior (it is not recommended to choose more than a few color accents, besides, they should match each other, so take it seriously) and pay attention to materials. What comes to mind when you think of nature? Of course, the material is wood! You can come up with a lot of things from it: recreate the decor, small stumps in the form of stands, let’s not forget about wooden furniture. However, it is also important to pay attention to the color of the wood: dark or light. And try to harmonize.

Wallpaper with landscapes for the whole wall

Landscapes are a nice match for most interior styles. For classics, it is worth choosing views of ancient Greek cities and palaces, unobtrusive images of rivers, and mountain ranges. These motifs always create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the home. They are successfully combined with luxurious classic images of nature against the background of sunset or sunrise. If the interior focuses on furniture and floor coverings made of natural wood, then they are successfully combined with the wall decor of noble plants: palm branches, blooming oleanders, and olive groves. Popular interiors in the style of Provence set a special theme – luxurious rural prints and wall decor. Against the background of bright turquoise furniture, a parquet made of white oak, and various furniture, the scenery print of the countryside looks good. These are wall art wallpapers with motifs of French country houses and flowering bushes.

A wonderfully recognizable print characteristic of the style is a view of a field with blooming lavender. For Provence, English country, eclectic styles, choose wallpaper with landscapes for walls in blue, lilac, and pale pink shades. As a wonderful idea, you might want to try tropical wall decor and dive into adventures full of mystery and heat since the tropical topic is a vivid and interesting one.

Scandinavian style is our everything

Scandinavian style furniture is designed to be functional and simple without sacrificing the aesthetic, natural appeal. Textiles and decor/wall decor items will help to place bright accents in the monochrome palette of the interior. Bright sofa pillows, blankets, patchwork blankets, napkins, rugs – everything is made of natural materials (cotton, linen, satin). Glass vases, mirrors, candlesticks, figurines, colored lampshades, original hangers, straw and clay products, wicker baskets and chests, tableware with various motifs with nature-related prints add home comfort. All this is about a natural motif.

Follow the latest design trends if you want to be up to date. Overall, it is better to have this mix of your view on the interior and the advice of an experienced and valuable professional. With the help of several creative and interesting decorative decisions you can change the way your space looks and feels. For more ideas on how to decorate a dwelling in an eco-nature design go to texelprintart.com and check out all of the items in an appropriate collection! From single panel art to oversized wall art that brings a character to your dwelling – choose the best option now.

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