Fixing Your Home’s Electrical System After A Storm

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Storms are some of the worst things Mother Nature has to offer us. These occurrences deliver chaos and destruction in their wake, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and numerous people homeless and hungry. However, we must move forward as a resilient race, learning from our mistakes and preparing for a new storm in the coming days. That’s why we made this thorough guide to fixing the electrical system in your home after a storm.

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Why does your home’s electrical system need fixing?

You might be one of the lucky people whose property has not been totalled after a storm has passed. Your home has had some rough hits, including broken windows, partial flooding, and a busted electrical system. The first two are easy to remedy. To solve the flooding issues, you will need new glass to set in the window frames and new sealants and concrete mixtures. However, things can take a turn for your busted electrical system. Unlike other things you can take out to hang and dry, including carpets and clothes, you have to think twice before fixing your home’s electrical system. Before repairing and improving, you need to remove plugs, wires, circuits, and other components from their sockets and boxes. But the good thing is that these new items and parts are readily available at your local electrical supply store. Plus, fixing an electrical system after a storm brings some risks. Everyone knows electricity, metal, and water are not the best combinations. So it can get dangerous immediately once you decide to fix and improve your system a couple of days after a storm. You can accomplish and improve with little or no expert assistance. However, it is paramount you make each decision with caution and care.

Safety First

Dealing with post-storm damaged electrical systems is no easy task. A lot of things can go from zero to a hundred danger-wise. You must use all the safety clothing, gear, and equipment you can get. Not only will it make the task faster and more efficient. It also allows you to deal with the issues while still being safe and free from electrical harm.

Assumptions Can Kill

So you’ve entered your system’s room. Everything appears dry and well to the touch, so you decide to deal with the busted electrical system. While this aspect is the case for most post-storm scenarios, you better do a double-take before any actions. Not because you switched the main power outlet off means, you can begin working immediately. You might have neighbours utilizing alternative power systems, including solar panels and generators. These alternative systems deliver power to your neighbours’ homes and facilities. There is a possibility that electricity might rebound back to your place, even though the power has been cut off temporarily.

When Conducting Repairs And Improvements

You better analyze your system before you deal with any repairs and improvements. Check whether wires, connections, and breakers can still do their functions. Observe if any of these components have suffered damage. Better remove and replace any parts and pieces that have taken quite the blow from the storm. Speaking of taking a hit, do the same for all gadgets and appliances that have been hit by water. It does not matter if it’s a couple of droplets or getting submerged under inches of water. Anything that utilizes electricity might need repair thoroughly. Then again, you might need to get rid of any unsalvageable items completely.

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However, not all seems lost. Some appliances and gadgets can still function. All you have to do is grab and set them under the sun for perhaps a day or two. Going back to your electrical system, you must remove and unplug as many things as you can. Doing so will save them from suffering a lot more damage. Also, it protects these items from sudden electrical surges. Keep in mind electrical surges can happen anytime in the blink of an eye. They do not last longer than a fraction of a second. However, these occurrences can pack quite a punch. Surges can destroy and prevent your gadgets and appliances from working again with such ease.

Get New Things

It has been quite some time since the storm passed. Almost everything in your house is now completely dry and ready for testing. You’ve also removed all the damaged and submerged items and taken them to the trash. You must not try your luck with other parts you might have to lie around in your home. Doing so has the risk of current surges and electrocution. In some cases, you might even cause a fire. The best action for this scenario is to purchase new things from an outlet. It does not matter where you get them – from an online store to your local electrical supply – as long as the items are fresh from the shelves.

These new components guarantee that your system will function without flaws and issues. They also guarantee your family’s overall safety. However, not everyone has additional funds to cover such improvements. Some people shell their money to purchase food, water, and other supplies. Perhaps you might be one of them. Such a status does not mean you are poor at all. You are simply thinking of the best ways to be practical during this post-storm period. You might be considering using the leftover wires, plugs, and outlet boxes around your garage or basement. The thing is that you have the option to do so. However, make sure that they have not been hit by water at all. Either they are on high shelves where water cannot reach or in tight containers that do the job of securing anything inside. By all means, use these extra parts and pieces to fix and improve your electrical system.

Here Come The Pros

The thing with home electrical system repair and improvement after a storm is that things are unpredictable. You can never fully tell whether it is safe to start working on it. In addition, you might omit several factors as you start fixing your systems. Lack of preparation, skill, and materials will further damage your electrical system. In addition, mishandling also leads to more wear and potential harm to you. There is nothing wrong with working on your systems after a storm passes. But it is wise to let the professionals handle it once you feel unsure about the endeavour.

A local contracting company will deal with any issue your electrical system might have. Not only that, but they will assess your property’s situation – letting you know what you can do to improve the structure before another typhoon or flood hits. Like most services today, their work comes at a price. However, the money you spend hiring their services and wares will be worth it. Not only will they patch your electrical system, but they will inform you what else you can do to make things better because you need to have a good electricity system in your home.

One Final Note

Do not be hasty when fixing with your home’s electrical system after getting hit by a nasty flood or storm. While you can save on costs without hiring a contractor to do the job, it is wise to take care as you work. Handling such delicate systems is quite a thing to do, and it will only make matters worse once you go ahead without proper preparation.

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