Common Fixes to Air Conditioner Problems

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Air conditioners can be lifesavers during the hot summer months. Staying cool is a priority for your comfort and your health. The problem with anything mechanical is that it may be prone to breaking or not working in the way that we hope it will. Thankfully, you are not alone in this problem.

Common Fixes to Air Conditioner Problems

Due to AC units inside or outside the home, there is plenty of help available for fixing problems to your air conditioning, including this article too. While there are many reasons for it not working, or not working to the best of its abilities, there are helpful solutions. If your AC unit is having problems, then these common fixes should be able to help you.

Resetting the Breaker/Fuse Box

This common fix is simply a matter of electricity. Resetting the breaker or fuse box can reset the AC unit if it is not running well. Sometimes it can be an issue with overuse, but as ridiculously cliche, as it may be trying to turn it off and on really does work. This can sometimes be a problem with the fan not spinning, or the cold air not coming out cold enough because it is not getting enough power. That is why a reset may be the solution you need.

Adjusting Your Thermostat

Central air units can be resolved by checking your thermostat. The unit might be cooling properly because the thermostat setting just needs to be adjusted to what you want. Although, inconsistent cooling or running of the unit may be a problem related to the electrical connection. If this occurs, and you do not know what to do when your air conditioner stops working, it might be best to get professional help when dealing with the delicate inner workings of your house. Even for outdoor units that are not working well, the problem might be the motor, and this is something that you most likely do not have the expertise on so getting help is advised.

Clearing Debris From the Unit

If you have an outdoor AC unit attached to your home, there might be an issue with the fan. Sometimes branches or other debris can get lodged into the fan and prevent the fan from spinning well or spinning at all. Turn off the breaker or fuse box, take off the fan, and clear it out. Cleaning out debris requires you to make sure there is no possibility that the fan turns on when your hand or a stick is inside. This is obviously for safety reasons as you could get harmed through anything dislodging towards you or having your hand caught in any mechanical features during movement.

Common Fixes to Air Conditioner Problems - cleaning AC

Check the Air Filter

The air filter is a usual suspect for an improperly operating AC unit. When the air is not cold enough, it could be a problem with blockage in the filter. Opening up your unit and dusting it out or removing any debris from the filter can alleviate the problem. Another fix may be to open up the air ducts or vents of your home. Your air conditioning system might just be working extra hard to cool your home because the vents are not open and it can be that simple of a fix.

Solving a Leaking Water Issue

Vacuuming out the condensate drain line can be a solution for your air conditioner leaking water inside or outside the home. This is a common issue for air conditioners because of the refrigerate that is used for cooling. It can become too warm, or clog up, and result in leakage. This issue can potentially lead to long term damage for your unit or for your home. Unclogging this line can be useful for allowing more cool air to flow through your home and stop any long term damage that may occur.

Have you ever sat in your home during a hot summer day and regretted not fixing your air conditioner unit? Hopefully not, but it is an all too common issue. Fixing your AC is crucial when the hottest days of the year start to come around because you do not want to be sitting in your sweaty home feeling uncomfortable. Simple solutions for air conditioner problems can include easy fixes such as adjusting the thermometer. Some bigger problems might be issues with motor or internal problems with things like coolant lines. You can attempt to remedy these yourself, but you should know when to get professional repair help for issues out of your expertise level. Following these tips will help you stay cool during the hot days.

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