How to Fix up Your House on a Small Budget

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When most people think of home renovations, the first thought that goes to mind is the hefty expenses that would come with it. However, revamping your space does not always have to drain your account!

How to Fix up Your House on a Small Budget

We have a few expert tricks that will help you get your dream space even on a small budget:

Get beautiful stair runners

The staircase is usually among the first things that guests see when they enter a home. Turn your staircase from drab to fab with a stylish runner. Be bold and indulge in some colour that will draw attention to that area of the house. If you would love a classy feel, opt for a more neutral weave or pale pile. Adding some life to the shabby treads will instantly give your house a facelift. The runners do not have to cost a fortune either. Visit your local thrift store. You could be lucky!

Get rid of the tired backsplash!

One of the best and most affordable ways to add visual interest to your kitchen is to add a new backsplash. You can add a pattern of colour to your kitchen with a new backsplash. You have plenty of options to pick from, such as tile, stone, ceramic, or even beaded board. There are endless opportunities to arrive at a material that suits your budget. If your budget is too tight, you could choose to install the backsplash in areas where it is most needed, like near a sink or behind a range.

Reupholster your sofas

Get the feel of new sofas at a fraction of the price with the simple trick of reupholstering. Update your old sofas with funky new fabric. You could also give your sentimental pieces of furniture another chance of life with some neat upholstery.

Insert new shelving units

Shelves offer more than just storage. Install open shelves that will provide you with a place to display your decorative accents. You get to maximize vertical space. Make your shelves more interesting by having them in fascinating styles like leaning ladders etc. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also offer much in the way of practicality.

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Replace the windows

New windows and doors completely revitalize a space. If your doors are too drafty or your window may not be letting in enough light, it may be time to replace them. Doing a bespoke window replacement will not only bring more light to the house. It will also bring in the character that your home may have been missing. You will spruce up the interior and exterior look on a budget!

Get new curtains

A change of curtains does wonders in giving your house a facelift. You can opt for a set it yourself option that is more affordable. Reuse your older curtain rods and rings to save a little extra money.

Change the hardware

You may not have the money to get new cabinets, but a simple thing like swapping out the hardware makes a world of difference. Get different styles of hardware from the same family. Or you could be different and mix and match different finishes to achieve that eclectic look.

Install new light fixtures

You will be shocked how much difference a new light fixture makes to a room. Give your rooms a game-changing focal point by installing new light fixtures. Opt for several pendants in place of a chandelier if you want a more contemporary approach.

Wrapping up

A little touch here and there will give you the feel of a new house. Luckily, with the tips above, you can fix up your home without going over your budget. Just remember to do proper planning before you start any of your projects. Also, take your time to make wise decisions that will stretch your money even further.

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