How to Prepare for Your First Time Driving on a Motorway

Many motorist’s biggest fear is driving on a motorway, which is understandable as it can be daunting and stressful – particularly when it’s your first time. Much like anything, experience is key and actually it can be simple and straightforward once you get used to it and can even be easier than driving on other types of road.

How to Prepare for Your First Time Driving on a Motorway

So, how can you prepare for the first time and start to build your confidence on the motorway?


There are many ways that can prepare you for motorway. A good starting point is to start driving on dual carriageways in Pennsylvania, which can help you to get used to driving on roads with multiple lanes and travelling at high speeds. Additionally, you should try to find roads in your area with a 60mph speed limit as a way to get used to driving at higher speeds than most roads. Additionally, the Pass Plus course is worthwhile for any motorist as a way to improve your skills and experience and allow you to drive both safely and with more confidence. Many people worry about breaking down on the motorway, so making sure that your car is in good condition is also smart before you start driving on a motorway. If you need a new car, you might find that leasing a high quality vehicle is smart and will help you to feel more confident and have a greater presence on motorways.

On the Motorway

One of the best tips for starting to drive on motorways is to use a sat nav, which will ensure that you always know where you need to go and help you to navigate junctions and lanes. Joining traffic from a slip road is a common worry and the best way to handle this is to pick up speed, check your blind spots and only join when it is safe to do so – you might also find it helpful to have someone in the car that can advise you during this procedure.

How to Prepare for Your First Time Driving on a Motorway - bike

While driving, make sure that you avoid distractions and pay attention to each sign to check that you are always in the correct lane. When it comes to overtaking, you need to make sure that the car behind has left enough room and check all angles before switching lanes. Signal early before pulling out and avoid hesitating.

It is understandable that people feel anxious about driving on the motorway, but once you build experience this can actually be easier than driving on many types of road. Hopefully, the advice in this post will give you some confidence and help you to start driving on motorways with more confidence. It is then simply a case of spending more time on motorways to develop your knowledge, self-confidence, and skills.

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