How To Find Kitchen Cabinets For Next To Nothing

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If you are updating your kitchen you are likely already well aware that the cost of new cabinets can suck up a lot of your budget. If you add on installation too, you may well find you have little left for any additional trimmings.

How To Find Kitchen Cabinets For Next To Nothing

The good news is that kitchen cabinets can cut down your cabinet costs massively. If you’re willing to compromise on a few things, and you’re able to smarten up the units with some DIY, you can save some serious money. Sure, you will have to work a little harder than if you ordered the whole ready-made package from one supplier, but the savings are certainly worth the effort if you’re willing to work for them:

Get Yourself On All The Online Freebie And Sales Sites

Renovators, homeowners, retailers and other people will be giving away kitchen cabinets for free. Sure, they could be a colour you don’t like or they might be made out of materials that are expensive to dispose of, but none of that is an issue for you. Just be sure to respond quickly to ads, setting up alerts for your search so that you can get in there and snap up those goods. Try to use various search terms so that you get a look at all the ads. It is also important to remember that you will likely have to collect the items yourself so have a man with a van ready if you don’t have the transport and man power at home.

Local Ads

In supermarkets, post office notice boards and newsagent windows there will be ads placed by people who still like to use the old fashioned form of advertising. Don’t bypass these ads as most people shop online now, leaving less competition for you on these paper ad boards.


Various outlets have ex-display units for sale at a discounted rate. Don’t be afraid to approach these outlets and ask if they have anything available. The discount rate is unlikely to be as low as with second hand goods, but it will still be cheaper than buying new.

House Clearances

There are companies who specialise in house clearances offering online sales of items they clear. They may also list on certain online bidding sites, so it’s good to seek them out. This is a good place to get kitchen cabinets because they will come at a good discount price. Not only that, but there may be some dated cabinets in need of a lot of love which will be very cheap, and ready for you to put your own stamp on.

How To Find Kitchen Cabinets For Next To Nothing - modular kitchen

You Could Place An Ad

Consider placing a wanted ad so that you’re also putting your details out there for anybody who may be getting rid of their kitchen cabinets. If a person wants to conveniently get rid of their cabinets from their home or cheap self storage unit without having to worry about a skip or transport to the tip, your ad could save them a lot of hassle.


Auctions aren’t just for antiques and collectibles, they are held for household goods and house clearances too. They may be held by an auction house, or inexpensive self storage facility selling goods inside units that have been abandoned (see There are usually viewing days, whether that is online or in person, so you can check out what is on offer. On the day, have a bid on your kitchen units and you might just grab yourself a huge bargain.

The tips above will take some work on your part. They will require you not only put the effort in to get hold of cheap kitchen cabinets, but that you also work with them to get them looking great. The result though, is beautiful kitchen cabinets that cost you much, much less than buying them new, leaving you a bigger budget to use on improving the rest of the room.

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