DIY Arts and Crafts for Good Mental Health

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DIY projects can be fun and exciting. Furthermore, they may be good for your overall mood and mental health. Most of the research on the matter is related to creative and artistic activities like painting or making music. However, it is not too far of a stretch to believe that any DIY home projects could be beneficial as long as they still require concentration and creativity. Mental health problems can be effectively treated in several ways. Therapy and medication are some of the most common treatment options for mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. However, therapy is not the only way to improve your wellbeing and that’s why we made this guide about DIY arts and crafts for good mental health.

DIY Arts and Crafts for Good Mental Health

DIY arts and crafts can be one way to help you find purpose in your life and they can be the basics of your mental health. In fact, finding meaning is the main premise behind logotherapy. Check out this article to learn more.  Art therapy also involves the creative process that may also be associated with your DIY project.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is based on the idea that creativity can help a person’s wellbeing and to examine emotions, cope with difficult feelings, increase self-esteem, and build strong relationships. Art therapy utilizes other therapeutic techniques along with creativity. Studies indicate that arts and crafts can help to improve mental health and wellbeing. Not only does this include painting and making music, but it also includes sewing and baking. The wide range of different artistic activities suggests that other DIY crafts and projects may also be beneficial.

Another study found that arts can help a person concentrate on something and forget their anxious thoughts for a little while. Instead of worrying, they were able to focus on positive things. DIY craft projects can also provide meditative effects and may be helpful for those who suffer with anxiety and depression. Creativity itself can be beneficial because it can help turn negative emotions into positive ones by changing a person’s perspective.

Finally, the completion of a DIY project and seeing the finished product may help us release dopamine because it is associated with our brain’s reward center. This can help us improve our mood and increase our level of happiness. Check out these DIY project ideas that can be beneficial for your mental health!


Making a bird house can be a fun woodworking project. It is not too large of a project so it should not cause unnecessary stress. It is a great choice for a couple of reasons. First, it provides a sense of purpose because you are giving the bird a place to rest away from the elements and can use it to feed them as well. It can also be creative as you work on the best design for the birds in your area.

Also, just watching birds can be beneficial to your overall mental health and wellbeing. People who watched birds from their home had lower risk of developing anxiety and depression when compared to those who did not have the ability to view birds. It does not have to stop when you complete the bird house. You can build bird feeders and bird baths as well!


If you do not have a shed, or if the one that you have is not large enough, then this may be another good DIY project. You can benefit from the concentration as well as the creativity of the design and aesthetic. You can choose the paint color and add your own elements to make it fit in with your home and yard. Furthermore, it will help you be more organized. This alone may be beneficial to your wellbeing. The clutter of disorganization may contribute to anxiety and stress and organizing your tools and lawn care products can reduce frustration when you use them in the future.

building a garden shed

Covered Patio

Building a covered patio is a larger DIY project, but it can help you get outside to work and upon completion. Being outside can be beneficial to your wellbeing. Nature has some great benefits for your mental health. The shade can allow you to be comfortable while you relax. You can even practice mindfulness techniques while outdoors. If a covered patio seems like too large of a project right now, then you can make a table with an umbrella. This offers similar benefits at a more affordable cost and less work.


Gardening is a popular hobby and can be great for your mental health. It can get you outside in nature soaking up the sun. It can also give you a sense of purpose as you grow plants to beautify your yard or make healthy foods for you and your family. Watching the growth of the plants over time as you care for them can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and reward. It can help you be mindful as well.

Final Thoughts on DIY Crafts and Mental Health

DIY projects can be beneficial to your mental health and many of them are also good for your physical health because they provide you with exercise. Doing a DIY project that improves your livelihood by making life more enjoyable or easier can be beneficial in a number of ways as well. Whatever you next project, think about the ways that it makes you feel purposeful or whether it gives you a boost in mood.

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