How To Find The Best Online Mattresses For Your Family

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Going to the shop can be fun for the whole family, but it can also take a lot of time and energy. Many people may also feel uncomfortable around salespeople who tend to pressure you while you’re trying to make a decision, which is why buying an online mattress is a good alternative.

How To Find The Best Online Mattresses

You might be surprised that there is a wide range of mattresses available on the web, and you might catch some exclusive deals as well.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Online?

  • Price: Buying mattresses online can be cheaper because sellers don’t have to deal with the costs of renting a physical shop and the overhead commissions for sales agents. For this reason, you can find online mattresses that are 25 to 50 percent cheaper than those you find in a physical store.
  • Less Pressure: If you shop online, you don’t need to deal with overly pushy salespeople. Sales agents are usually trying to reach a monthly quota, so some of them tend to pressure customers who come to the store and overload them with information about their items.
  • Convenience: In physical shops, they only provide a 30-day trial period for the mattress that they offer. Some shops also have additional service charges for deliveries. Meanwhile, many online sellers offer free delivery and returns. Online shops can provide free delivery services and even a 100-day trial period.

How To Find The Best Mattresses Online

If you decide that purchasing online is the best way for you, here are some tips on how you can find the perfect mattress for your family:

  1. Educate Yourself On What Type Of Mattresses Are Available Online

Here are some common mattress types that you can find online:

  • Latex Mattress
  • Memory Foam
  • Airbeds
  • Innerspring Mattresses
  • Hybrid Mattresses

You may soon realize that there are not a lot of options when it comes to buying mattresses online. When looking for overall comfort, you should collect information about the different types of mattresses that online shops are selling.

The most popular type of mattress online is Innerspring. This type of bed uses a steel coil support core, which makes it bouncy and offers superior support. However, these types of mattresses are prone to sagging. Another good option is the memory foam mattress, which lasts longer compared to the Innerspring. It gives the ultimate comfort by providing the feeling of getting a hug while you lie down on it.

How To Find The Best Online Mattresses - mattress

  1. Consider Your Needs

It may still be confusing to choose which type of mattress you want from the different varieties available online. The top priority in choosing the best mattress for you and your family is to consider your current needs. What do you need to look for in a mattress?

  • Comfort and Support

If you are changing your mattress because you are experiencing body pain in the morning, you need something that will give you optimum comfort and support. Aside from keeping your spine aligned and providing adequate support to your whole body, mattress breathability is also important as hot summer nights may keep you awake at night.

  • Durability and Adaptability

A typical mattress would last about 7 years before you can see obvious wearing. It’s important that you look for a mattress that is durable and made of tough materials that can last for more than 5 years. If you are buying mattresses for your kids, it is also important to choose something that will adapt to their growing bodies.

  1. Read Online Reviews

If you can’t decide on what kind of mattress you should get for you and your family, try to find different online reviews. Quality can be subjective, so relying on one review when making your decision is not enough. Reading comments and reviews is an essential step in purchasing the best mattress online for you and your loved ones. You will be spending a third of your life in it so better to do in-depth research before you click that check-out button. Aside from online reviews, you can also ask friends or relatives who have experience in buying mattresses online.

Online reviews do not only apply to different mattress types but also reviews on different online sellers. It cannot be denied that some online sellers have questionable marketing practices. It’s also best to ask around on which online seller is legitimate and which one offers the best services.

  1. Take Advantage Of The 100-Day Trial And Return Policies

You can’t say that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase until you give it a run. Despite doing extensive research online, you still need to try out the mattress yourself to give an actual verdict. The 100-day free trial given by the sellers is a great opportunity to test your purchase. It is important that you also take note of their return policies so that you won’t have any problems, in case you’re not satisfied with the product after trying it for a certain number of days.


Sleep is very important, as you’ll practically be spending one-third of your life sleeping. For this reason, having the right mattress in your home is a priority. If it’s your first time buying a mattress online, the steps above can help you in choosing and purchasing the best mattress for you and your family. There are advantages and disadvantages in buying online so you have to consider what really matters to you.

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