How to Know When Your Fibreglass Pool Needs Resurfacing

Even if you take the best care of your fibreglass pool, sooner or later the sun, chemicals, and typical wear and tear will impair the surface. It’s crucial to pay attention to your pool over time and watch for the major indications that it needs some help. If left untreated, these signs could worsen and cause you more problems.

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Keep reading to see what these fibreglass pool resurfacing signs look like so you can get back to enjoying your fun in the sun!


Are you constantly filling your pool up? It may be because there is a leak. This could be caused by cracks in the piping, or in the shell of the fibreglass pool itself. Improper backfilling or structural issues could be the culprit for fibreglass pool leaks, among other things.


As mentioned earlier, cracks of all kinds can lead to leaks and other problems with your fibreglass pool. Eventually, all pool surface materials can crack and make it apparent that it’s time for resurfacing. Some can be superficial, and some can be deep enough to merit some serious problems.

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Colour Distortion

You might notice that your pool isn’t as vibrant as it once was. After a while, the colour of the fibreglass will begin to deteriorate and fade. This is due in part to excessive direct exposure to sunlight. When discolouration occurs, fibreglass pool resurfacing will need to be performed to prevent toxic inhalation.


Osmosis appears as blisters or sores on the surface of your fibreglass pool. They quite literally look like round bubbles on the surface of the fibreglass. These occur when water from the soil around the pool finds its way to the topcoat of the fibreglass. This can cause bacterial exposure to the water and make swimmers sick.

Is it Time to Resurface Your Fibreglass Pool?

If you’ve noticed cosmetic issues with your fibreglass pool, it’s likely time for it to be resurfaced. Fibreglass pool resurfacing experts can help you identify the underlying problem and get you and your family back to swimming in no time at all.

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