How to Use Skirting Boards to Hit Modern Design Trends

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While in quarantine, have you had enough dose of Flip or Flop reruns and Joe and Chip’s Fixer-Upper? You may have been inspired by the creativity and innovativeness of these shows and want to test the creative portion of your brain. If you have been watching these TV shows lately, you would have noticed that those tiny skirting boards all around the house make a difference in the feel and the overall appearance of a space.

How to Use Skirting Boards to Hit Modern Design Trends

You can start to modernize your skirting boards and then work your way up to knocking off walls and re-imagining your kitchen and bathroom.

How to Modernize Your Home With Skirting Boards?

Skirting boards have been used for decades and have served their purpose to protect your wall from accidental knockdowns, and wear and tear from the furniture. But in modern home designs, it’s used to complete the appearance of a room and work its magic of welcoming anyone who enters it. So how do you decorate your home to give it a modern touch using skirting boards? Let’s get creative.

Keeping It Simple Is Still the Best

If you look at catalogs of modern homes, you will see that what they’ve got is a beveled plank of wood painted to complement the entire feel of the home. There’s a range of simple skirting from Metres Direct that you can select from to your liking. To keep it simple yet attractive, if your walls are on a dark shade, use a lighter colour for the skirting board. And if you have a lighter shade, do the opposite. Just make sure that the colours complement each other and you’re okay.

Taller Boards Make The Room Look Bigger

It’s a neat trick. If you have a cosy room down the hall, picking a taller skirting board would give the illusion of being spacious. You can also paint the boards with the same colour as the wall of the room to give it a “stretching effect”. This will make the ceiling seem higher than they really are.

How to Use Skirting Boards to Hit Modern Design Trends - living room

Flat Skirting Boards Give it A Minimalist Style

Minimalist is the keyword for modern-style homes of today. Everybody wants clean lines, neat, and no-fuss decor. So if you want to have that modern feel for your home, get a flat skirting board to give it a neat touch. When rooms feel very busy with so many accents here and there that catch your attention, it would be better to have some kind of a visual break from all the fussiness.

Rectangular Skirting Boards Give It an Edge

If you want a more complex feel for your rooms, it would be nice to glue some rectangular boards all around them. It’s still in keeping with the minimalist style of modern houses but with more depth and style in it. Rectangular boards with thin groove details will spice the room up making it more classy yet still carry the very modern feel of the entire room. Designing a modern home is not that mind-boggling. You just have to reach down to your inner peace and give your home a simple touch. Start with a skirting board, it would really make a difference.

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