Facts about roofing that can increase value of your home

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The roof is the most important part of our house. It protects us, our families, and our assets and when extended to workplaces, they even safeguard our businesses. It is surprising that many Australians overlook the humble roof. They mend or repair their roofs only when there is some crisis at hand. If you are just beginning to build a new house, an office or a factory, the crown of your construction, your roof, needs to be handled with utmost care.

Facts about roofing that can increase value of your home

Below in this article, we list down a few reasons on why a good roof should be at the top priority the new construction:

Protection from bad weather

A good and strongly built roof protects us from heat, dust, rain, snow, blizzard, and other weather conditions. On the other hand, an imperfect roof will spoil our quality of life. An imperfect roof would let the hot summers, the cold winters, and the damp rains into your house. It is always essential to have a good roof to survive natural forces.

For energy efficiency

If your roof is properly made, your house will be warm and insulated. It will be energy efficient and stop the inside heat from going out. In factory settings, it is absolutely essential to have thermal efficient roofs. Some goods may spoil quickly if the energy efficiency of the factory is not maintained. Some studies suggest that a building starts losing its thermal efficiency after 25-30 years. By having a solidly built roof, you can prolong this efficiency.

Building additional space

Sometimes you might need additional space on your roof. You might need an attic to store additional goods. If your roof is strong enough to establish a construction or storey over itself, you can also build extra storage over it. A weak roof will not support an attic or any add-on loads.

Supporting heavy goods

Sometimes, municipal laws don’t allow any further construction to a building, or they may simply restrict the number of storeys a person can build on the allotted land. In that case, you will be forced to keep your heavy equipment in the open, on the roof. For example, you might want to keep dozens of air conditioning equipment on your roof. For want of space. Is your roof strong enough for this load? Roofing on your mind? You may consider letting experts do their job! The better way to be assured of a good roof over your head is to get in touch with roofing specialists in Australia such as Rekote Sutherland Shire, who are upgraded with the best products to make roofs stronger.
Facts about roofing that can increase value of your home - metal roof

Avoiding serious issues

You could circumvent some serious issues by making your roof strong from the word go. One never knows the bad effects of a bad roof. Avoid huge costs in the future by making a strong and reliable roof.


A strong and good roof also conserves the aesthetics of your house. A badly made or maintained roof will make your rooms shabby and dirty. Your walls might become weaker or allow leakage of water. When water seeps through walls, you can see salt particles, which will, eventually deteriorate the plaster of the wall. Apart from looking shabby, salt-plastered walls are weaker and cause overall damage to the house.

Health reasons

A good roof also secures you against diseases and illness. When your roof leaks, it may allow mildew and mold to pop up inside your house. This will cause serious health problems for you and your family. Avoid this health hazard by having a roof that discourages moss, mildew and mold. Now that we have seen the importance of having a good roof, let’s also see how we can manage it. First, we need to paint it as often as we can. Two, plaster all the cracks and gaps with asphalt and other insulating material. If these are small plants or grass on your roof, please remove them. Third, strengthen your roof by adding trusses and cantilevers to its structure. Regular maintenance of your roof can save you from spending a fortune later on.

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