What To Look For In An Eyelash Extension Chair?

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Are you an eyelash artist? If yes, then you should know that for long work hours any regular chair won’t cut it while you work. As you know, treating an eyelash can take hours to complete and a regular chair won’t provide the comfort you need during work. The eyelash extension chairs are specifically designed for physiotherapists. They provide the necessary support for your back and legs while working. Needless to say, you need those support while conducting long hours of eyelash treatment.

Eyelash chair

Unlike getting a regular chair, while buying this kind of chair, you need to consider a few crucial factors like design, comfort, back support, etc. don’t worry, we’re here to provide you with all the necessary information. You just have to follow us throughout the topic.

Why Do You Need An Eyelash Extension Chair?

If you’re a lash artist, then sitting on a regular stool or chair isn’t a good idea. Because you have to spend long hours on that chair/stool. And regular ones can’t provide the necessary support for you. Thus, you end up having a back problem or other severe problems on your back. As we mentioned earlier, a lash artist needs a chair that’s designed for lash technicians. Why do you need it?

Lash extension chair helps you improve your performance. Because with it, you’ll have better positioning, flexibility, and ample support for your back and legs. It also provides you with comfort during the long hours of eyelash treatments. Furthermore, it allows you to have much better posture, which increases the chance of avoiding any physical issues.

So if you want to improve your work performance and have a comfortable posture while working, you should get the best chair for a lash artist right away.

Considerable Features For An Eyelash Extension Chair

Artists should choose the right tool for the job. As a lash artist, you should do the same. And choosing the right chair is one of them. Just so you know the right chair will boost your work performance. Because you’ll have a much better posture while working. However, choosing the right chair is where it gets tricky, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. No worries we’ve got your back. Because we’ll share the considerable features that you should look for in an eyelash extension chair, which will help you choose wisely.

Height Adjustable

Height adjustment is a key required feature for a lash artist chair. So that you can adjust the chair’s height according to your needs. It’s necessary for an eyelash artist. Height-adjustable chairs make it easier to get close to the customer’s bed and do your job more efficiently. As you can fit your legs better under the eyelash chair/bed.

360-Degree Swivel

The next one is freedom of flexible movements, for that you can get a lash chair that has leg wheels with 360-degree swiveling capability. With it, you can easily move around and adjust your posture better while treating the eyelash. This feature also helps prevent your body’s over-excursions. And lets you be more comfortable while working.


Comfort is crucial for any lash artist. because as you know, you need to spend several hours on the chair. It doesn’t matter how good it looks if it can’t provide you with the necessary comfort, you’ll have muscle cramps, back pains, etc. Having a chair with proper back support can be a big help to provide you with the necessary comfort. Also, it needs to distribute your body weight properly. Remember if you don’t find a comfortable chair, you’re the one who will need a physiotherapist.

Ergonomic eyelash chair

Design & Color

The vibe and the decoration of your place are crucial to retaining your customer. So it’s essential to choose the right color and design for the lash chair. You need to choose the chair’s color and design according to the lash studio. You shouldn’t buy chairs that don’t go with the overall look of the place. It hinders your customer attraction towards your lash studio.


You should avoid getting fixed lash chairs, especially if you have a small place for the lash studio. With fixed chairs, you can’t move them around freely, which hinders your flexibility. So we recommend, you should get portable lash chairs, their small and compact size makes a great addition for the smaller studios and also you can fit them at any place.


As you are going to spend a whole lot of time on the lash chair, you must choose a durable chair. The chair’s durability depends on its construction material. You should avoid getting a chair that has poor construction material. A durable chair can provide a better experience for you. Because your comfort, posture, and flexibility all depend on the durability of the chair.

Lashing Ergonomics For A Lash Artist

Now that you know what to look for in a lash chair, let’s talk about your self-care and safety during work, in other words lashing ergonomics. Have you ever felt pain in your back and shoulder after a long day of work? Well, that’s because you’re not following the proper procedure while treating your client’s eyelashes. Remember if you’re not at your best you can’t provide the best service to your client. So we’ve listed down the right ergonomics to help you set yourself for success while working the long hours continuously.

Let’s begin, shall we?

  • When you’re treating your client’s eyelashes, always keep your chair and the table close. Also, match the table height so that you can be at chest level. In doing so you can gain a comfortable posture to treat your client better.
  • While treating the customer, don’t float your arms around, keep them over the bed by the client’s head. It allows you to have a stable ground for your hand while treating.
  • If you have better hand stability it allows you to make better use of lashing tools. Thus, providing a much better service. Also, it reduces your arm stains.
  • Always remember to do what your hands are used to, and never bend or twist them to serve the client. Though you won’t face any problems while completing one or two tasks. However, in long hours you’ll face severe pain in your wrist and fingers.
  • Always use proper lighting while treating the eyelashes. Low lighting undermines your work progress and also focusing in a low light environment makes your eyes hurt after some time.

Final Thoughts

As a lash artist, you shouldn’t undermine the value of a good lash chair. Not only does it provide the best support for you, but also it helps you to provide the best care for your clients. You can choose the perfect lash chair, by following the above instructions. Also, don’t forget to follow the lashing ergonomics to avoid any health issues. And discomfort to your clients. Good luck. If you are looking for eyelash extensions to add to your collection of make-ups and other beauty products, visit Paris Eyelash Academy.

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