Why European Cabinets Are Becoming Popular

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Apparently, all kitchen cabinets are like each other in some way or the other because the structure of the cabinets, fittings and fronts follow the same proven pattern. However, to see the differences, you need to have the appropriate knowledge. Are European kitchens superior in carpentry products? Yes, most users respond. European kitchens are already of legendary quality. The materials used in their production, modern technologies and workmanship are second to none.

modern kitchen with European cabinets

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How Do European Cabinets Compare to American Style?

At a quick glance, you can easily tell the variation between an American-style and a European-style cabinet. One is frameless, and the other is not. With the American-style cabinet, you may notice large gaps between each of the doors. You would also see that it has a wood face frame on the entire circumference of the door. European style cabinets are frameless, in comparison, and the gaps between the doors are much smaller, usually less than 1/4 inch. American cabinets are usually made with cheaper materials, while Europeans go to lengths to choose high-quality material. The primary structure of a European cabinet is the box structure. For the American style, the face frame is the main structure, and for that reason, thinner material is used to keep it as sleek as possible. And the thinner materials are cheap.

Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

Many people wonder what the difference is between European cabinets and those made in the United States. The Europeans have a different approach to kitchen cabinet design, very different from how Americans approach it. The Europeans do not make cabinets to fit in larger spaces like the Americans do, and so their kitchen designs tend to be temporarily placed in comparison with how Americans affix them permanently to the walls. Instead, the European cabinet can be taken with a homeowner if they relocate to another home. In addition to that, European cabinets are more functional and efficient than American cabinets. With European cabinet doors, there is no hardware, and so they are much easier to open and close.

glossy European kitchen cabinets

European cabinets are of higher quality. Professionally selected material, precision, stability, modern technologies, all combined ergonomically with functionality and trendy style; these arethe best features of European cabinets. Factory-made kitchen furniture means attention to every detail. The materials and the latest technologies used in their production are usually of the highest quality. It is important to note that kitchen cabinets are manufactured and assembled in reputable factories. The cabinets in Europe are usually made by machine and less with human hands. The machines work with reliable precision and accuracy. Therefore, there is continuity and a system in place to ensure the level of quality every time. The quality is why these cabinets have become so popular. Again, you can always depend on a sleek finish and high quality. If you want a bit of texture, style, modern design, smooth surface, and high gloss, it is best to choose a European-style cabinet.

Professional European Cabinet Installers

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