Essential Tools for House Painters

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If you’re aiming to save money on household painting jobs, you might want to consider investing in the tools you need. This is definitely a cheaper alternative than resorting to house painters and builders every time you need something fixed or revamped. Houses need to be repainted every 3 to 7 years and that can get very expensive if you always hire house painters. Why hire a house painter when you can do it yourself? But before you get started on everything else, you need the basic tools first.
Essential tools for house painters

Listed below are the essential tools for house painters and house constructors.

Paint tray

When painting large areas like walls, using rollers is advisable because it gets the job done so much faster than a plain brush does. When using a roller, you need a paint tray on which the paint can be poured into so that the roller can be dipped in paint evenly.

Paint applicators

Your applicators include a paint roller and some brushes. When covering large areas, use paint rollers. When trying to get into the corners and creases, use flat or angled brushes. When you want to paint detailed designs, use a fine round brush. The sizes vary on what you need.

Essential tools for house painters - rollers and brushes


A ladder is necessary to reach higher places like the ceiling or the roof. However, if you feel uncomfortable doing this as an amateur and because of the dangers it might pose, it is recommended that you reach out to house painting experts like Longmont painting. They can take care of everything that you are unable to do as a beginner.

Essential tools for house painters - ladder


The standard painter’s tape is used to trim off edges and ceilings. It can also be used in creating stenciled patterns and designs. The finished look is crisp and it looks good because of the clean edges.

Tape measure

A good quality tape measure is definitely one of the most important tools of any house painter or contractor. This measuring device comes in handy when you want to measure things and make sure they are even. This tool is admirable for its compactness and ease of use.

Essential tools for house painters - tape measure


A pencil is necessary to mark off areas that need attention. The great thing about using pencils is that they’re not very visible, which means that they don’t permanently stain the areas to be painted. They’re also very easy to erase.


For even application of paint, particularly on wood, the areas need to be sanded. You can simply use sanding paper or a handheld pad sander to smooth out the surface. Before painting, make sure that you got rid of all of the dust and particles that accumulated from sanding.

Painting your own house isn’t an easy job. It may also tend to be unsafe if you haven’t taken any lessons. If you feel that your skills are up to par, then it is definitely worth it for you to invest in these tools for the long term. House painting and repairs are also great hobbies and they present opportunities for you to bond with your family.

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