Top Essential Home Inspections That You Need To Conduct Every Year To Stay Safe

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Everyone imagines a fairytale life with a wife and kids running around the living room until mold starts to appear in the corners. It turns out, the roof has been leaking for quite a while, causing the water to find its way into the walls and letting mold do its job. Unfortunately, this scenario is more common in the average household than you might think. One reason why this happens is mostly negligence.

Top Essential Home Inspections That You Need To Conduct Every Year To Stay Safe

In the text below we’ll discuss some useful tips on what essential house inspections to conduct at least once a year, so your home stays safe for everyone.

The Chimney Sweeper

Though it seems like a bothersome and tedious job, regular home inspections can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Now, get your old ladder from the basement as we’ll start from the top. We’ll start from the chimney, to be more precise. If you have a fireplace in your home, the chimney is a must. Check it regularly to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, or starting a fire in your home. Often birds nest in chimneys or on top of them, blocking the way for smoke and excess heat, often causing clogging. More often, the chimney’s walls get quite dirty and a lot of tar gets in the little cracks of chimneys which later can make big, brown stains on the walls or leakage of tar going down the chimney. Also, make sure the chimney is still stable and solid, especially after an earthquake or temblor.

Roof reparation

While you are still on the roof making sure if there are any bird nests or if the drain is filled with dirt and leaves, you might want to go around it and look for anything suspicious. For example, is there any visible damage? Maybe a whole or some of the tiles are broken. This often happens after a hurricane, bad weather, or excessive rain. This kind of misfortune you can check on your own, but for a more thorough look, the guys at can save your day. These specialists have been working and making roofs for quite a while. They’ll check things you might not think of, for example, the attic. All the heat and cold accumulated over the year can damage the roof from the inside causing the wood to rot, or water to form in the little holes.

Also, they’ll look out for visible nails, which can cause cracks and splits. They check the layers of the roof, if the ventilation is running fine and if there are any worrying signs which might turn out to be a problem later on. The best part is, they’ll do the repairs on the spot and won’t leave until everything isn’t as it is supposed to be.

Down to the basement

As you are putting down the ladder in the basement, stop for a moment and take a look. The basement is known to be the second-largest problem. Everything starts from the top or bottom, therefore it is important to look at these parts of the house. There are several things to look for in the basement. The most obvious ones, cracks, and holes if there are any. Then, water leaks. Water in the basement is a common occurrence, as raining water gathers around it and if there are any holes, from the outside, it finds its way through it. This is quite problematic, leaving space for mold to form and climb the walls. A little hydro isolation should do the trick and prevent water from entering.

While you’re down there, also inspect it for rodents, termites, and pests. These little creatures can cause immense damage to the whole construction, therefore if there are even the slightest signs, treat it immediately.

Top Essential Home Inspections That You Need To Conduct Every Year To Stay Safe - wall scratch

See if the paint is alright

Besides the basement and roof, you should scan the whole outside, specifically the paint job. The outside paint protects your house from changing climate and outdoor havoc. Look closely if the paint is starting to peel off somewhere, or if there are any obvious cracks. And be cautious not to use lead-based paint as it is toxic and can radiate chemical compounds dangerous for you and your family.

Furthermore, the deck and terrasse should be regularly inspected for weeds and darnel. Look under the construction to make sure it is still stable and sound, as the wood easily decomposes and cracks. Inspect the gutters, examine the pool if you have one, and look out for mole holes in your backyard. Because, these little creatures are infamous for digging holes under the house, making channels for water to flow under, and destabilizing the whole structure. No worries, all this can be easily dealt with, if discovered on time.

Having a house is quite a lot of work. But, if you follow the advice, it will easily stay a paradise for you and your family as well.

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