The Weighty Truth: Rookie Errors When Relocating Bulky Household Items

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Trying to save money by moving large, bulky furniture yourself often proves a regrettable decision. One dropped piece can cause thousands in damage, not to mention serious risk of bodily injuries when not using correct elevating procedures. Even if you recruit helpers to move furniture, amateurish mistakes frequently occur that put you, your possessions, and your home at risk. Steer clear of these common blunders by taking precautions or hiring professional movers instead.

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Not Measuring Doorways

Before loading that oversized sofa or cabinet onto a truck, ensure it can fit through tight entrances at the new destination. Many DIY movers neglect to measure doorway widths until it’s too late, struggling to remove doors or windows to squeeze items inside. This wastes time and risks property damage.

Determine all clearance widths along the moving path and consider disassembling large furnishings if needed. Not orchestrating a feasible plan risks costly repair bills when forcing pieces to fit.

Going it Alone

While determined people think they can handle heavy lifting solo, home movers know this mindset is extremely dangerous. Internal injuries from straining backs pulled muscles, and smashed fingers or toes are common results of trying to move large items unassisted.

At a minimum, have at least one helper to spot and two or three strong individuals distributing the load’s weight. Hiring a crew of experts to move furniture ensures proper manpower and training to avoid situations landing people in emergency rooms.

Skipping Proper Gear

Moving weighty pieces requires more than muscle – specialized equipment protects you and your belongings too. At least use a high-quality dolly rather than dragging items across floors. Heavy belongings sliders let heavy objects glide with ease. Moving blankets helps avoid surface nicks and tears on upholstered pieces.

With inadequate preparation, dressers and tables take beating after beating sliding down stairwells. Do it right by securing straps, lifting supports, and leveraging dollies to handle heavy loads properly.

Poor Preparing Pieces

Part of the labor in moving heavy possessions involves thorough disassembly ahead of time. Many amateur movers try muscling whole items instead of taking apart modular components whenever possible.

Remove large exterior hardware like table leaves and sofa legs before transport. Wrap glass panes and doors securely with a protective covering. This prevents snapping off pieces and damaging delicate parts when lifting entire units.

Faulty techniques

The back injury epidemic plaguing DIY furniture movers is largely preventable by simply using an ergonomic lifting form. Never bend over at the waist to lift with your back – keep items close to your body and lift with legs to spare vertebrae.

Make straight movements to avoid twisting because spinal injuries frequently happen when shifting weight unnaturally. Cushion heavy hauls below waist level using moving straps that secure around your shoulders.

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No Clear Path Planned

Another common misstep when moving large furniture surrounds assuming pieces will magically clear halls, corners, and staircases at the last moment. Scrambling to hastily rearrange interiors to allow clearance damages walls and furnishings.

Walk through both old and new floor plans marking tight spaces that require advance furniture removal well ahead of time. Scope interior and exterior stairwells to determine if handrails or other obstacles need temporary removal.

Exhausting Half-Measures

The adrenaline and excitement on moving day make starting feel productive. However, improper pacing while lifting and hauling heavy cargo depletes energy reserves quickly. Take approved breaks to remain hydrated and switch out helpers for fresh strength.

Powering through with exhausted team members drastically elevates the chances of dropping furniture or personal injuries from fatigue and muscle failure. Listen to bodies and avoid pushing past limits.

Improper Truck Loading

It may seem simple, but properly distributing weight on the moving truck is crucial for balanced hauling. Load heaviest items first from entry to the rear of the trailer, evenly dispersing weight side-to-side using back braces. Secure everything meticulously to avoid shifting midflight.

When you arrive, you’ll need sufficient helpers to move furniture efficiently again. Don’t take chances doing a huge haul without licensed, insured professionals.

Moving furniture is back-breaking work better left to the pros experienced in preventing all common pitfalls. Save yourself unneeded stress and physical anguish by hiring reputable helpers to move furniture properly. Your spine (and checking account) will thank you!

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