What Equipment do you Need When Starting a Gardening Business? 

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When it comes to home improvement trends, it seems more of us are abandoning the kitchen update and revamping the garden instead. In fact, according to the 2020 Renovation Nation Report by money.co.uk, gardens topped the list for the most popular projects, with 35% of homeowners focusing on their outdoor space over other updates.

What Equipment do you Need When Starting a Gardening Business

While homeowners might be changing up their outdoor space to make it a pleasant area to sit in, they might also be trying to attract buyers. The garden has become a key priority for property buyers and more people are taking a look around outside before heading indoors. With so much attention on gardens, it’s a prime time for gardeners and now could be the perfect time to set up your gardening business. Maybe you’ve been considering making your gardening hobby a career for a while? Perhaps you’ve been doing some gardening jobs for family members and want to take things to the next level? Whatever path you’re on, here’s a look at the equipment you need and the steps to take to set up on your own.

Invest in PPE

While the machinery and tools you use are key to doing a good job, prioritise purchasing personal protective wear. Gardening is a manual role and there’s the chance that you’ll nick your fingers or hurt your knees if you don’t have protective clothing on. Some key pieces of PPE include tough gardening gloves, knee pads (or a footstool) to protect your knees when digging in soil, and ear defenders. Ear defenders are especially important as lawnmowers and power-operated gardening tools can be very loud. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can be detrimental to your hearing.

Who is your target market? 

Before you begin buying tools, it’s worth considering who your customer base will be. For instance, are you going to work in residential settings or are you thinking about offering your services to commercial organisations?

What Equipment do you Need When Starting a Gardening Business - equipment

By knowing your market, you’ll be able to work out how much machinery you’ll need – and how big it will be. Doing the gardens in a quiet cul-de-sac will require very different tools to the tasks you’d be working on in the outdoor courtyard of a commercial office block.

Get the essentials

While you might need a more industrial sized mower for bigger jobs, there are some tools that come with the majority of gardening tasks. Invest in good quality versions of these that are likely to withstand daily use in a range of settings and weather conditions. These key tools include a rake, hoe, and fork. You’ll also need pruning tools so you can tackle tough branches, loppers for smaller branches and twigs, and robust hedge shears to tidy up shrubs and privets. While many of these are hand-operated, there are electrically-powered equivalents that you can buy for any large projects. By investing in the essential tools and equipment now, you’re well-placed to set up your gardening business.

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