If you have been growing fruit trees for a while, you probably understand that the least demanding is a peach tree. It does not require much maintenance and the fruits ripen early in the season. However, that does not mean you should leave it be.

Beginners Guide to Pruning Peach Trees

Peach trees require proper pruning so they can be healthier and provide you with more fruit. If you are a beginner, here is your complete guide to pruning peach trees the right way.

1. When You Should Prune

Knowing when to prune is the first step to doing it correctly. Keep in mind that pruning should not be done when they are dormant. Pruning them in cold weather will also make them susceptible to diseases. You should prune peach trees every year when the buds have swollen enough that you can see pink. When it comes to a peach tree, it is always better to prune a little later than early.

2. Remove Diseased, Damaged, And Dead Branches

Pruning should always start with removing these 3 Ds. You can use a pruning saw to get rid of all branches that in such a condition. Make sure that you disinfect your tools when going from one branch to the next. Doing so will help you keep the tools clean and diseases will not spread from one branch to the other. You can also use long-handled pruners to remove these branches.

3. Trimming

The next step is to trim branches that have grown too tall. That is because you want to keep the tree at a height where it will produce the best harvest. To achieve proper trimming, you can use a pruner to trim the ends of these branches.

Beginners Guide to Pruning Peach Trees - peaches

4. Keeping Primary Branches

You have to keep some main branches. A general rule of thumb is to select at least four to five main branches that grow upwards on the outside of the tree. After that, you can use a pruner to get rid of large branches that compete with the mains. You have to pay attention to the center of the tree or any branches that are growing horizontal or downwards. That is because you need to create a V-shape that has an open center.

5. Pruning Spindly Branches

Prune all spindly and small branches that grow inwards from the main branches. During this, you also have to remove shoots that point down or up. That is because these shoots will hinder the peach tree from growing in a V-shape. Once you are done pruning, make sure you clean all your tools and the surrounding area to keep everything clean.

Final Words

These are the five essential steps you need to take when pruning peach trees. If you still can’t seem to get the desired V-shape, you can always contact OC Tree Service Pros. They will guide you through the entire process and ensure that your peach trees are pruned properly. After all, a good harvest is one of the best things you can get from a fruit tree.