A secured garage door is necessary to increase convenience to your life. Remember, a garage door can pose a potential risk and can injure your family members. For this reason, maintenance of garage doors is necessary. Maintenance and inspection of these doors must be a part of this routine.

Tips to Enhance to Safety of Garage Door

Garage doors may put excessive stress on automatic door openers. Spending 1 to 2 hours in late fall and early spring can save you from accidents and expensive garage door repair. Along with regular maintenance, you have to enhance the security of your garage doors. Here are some safety tips to protect you and your family.

Safety Sensors

The safety sensors of garage door opener are attached to its rails. These 6-inch high rails provide support to garage doors to ride. Safety sensors are responsible for reversing the direction of closing garage doors if animals or a person walks under closing doors.

You can test the safety sensors of your garage door by pushing the control button to close this door. Before it closes, put a broom or any other object in front of a sensor. Block a beam must make the garage door stop instantly and reverse. Remember, if your door doesn’t stop and reverse, you have to call a garage door repair company to inspect the door opener.

Guide Your Kids to Avoid Free Rids

For children, riding up on the garage door can be a fun task. They hang on the handle of the door for their games. These activities are harmful to the garage door. Ask your kids to stay away from this door because it is for their security.

Teach kids to keep their hands and feet away from the joints in the panels of the garage door. These panels can increase the chances of severe fingers and hand injuries. Always hide transmitters from kids. Wall control of your garage door opener must be installed almost 5 feet from the floor. It is necessary to keep it away from young children. Moreover, keep the remote of your garage away from children.

Use a Secure Entry Password

A keypad is necessary to increase the security of a garage door. You can use this keypad in case of emergencies. If your child forgets the home key, you may get inside safely. It is necessary to keep this password away from others. Share this passcode with the reliable members of your family.

Keep Doors Properly Closed

You must not leave these doors partly open. Some homeowners do this to keep their garage cool or for their pets. Keeping a garage door slightly open may pose a threat. Wild animals can slip into the garage easily for shelter or food. These animals can increase damage in your garage. Moreover, a slightly open door can invite burglar. For the protection of valuables, you must keep the garage door close. These precautionary measures can help you to protect you and your family from potential damages.