Safety should be your top priority when selecting a new garage door. There are plenty of high-tech features available to prevent accidents and protect your home.

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Here are a few of the most important safety features you need to know about when purchasing a secure garage door:

Motion Sensors

Most modern garage doors have motion sensors that detect movement and stop the door from closing if an obstruction is detected. This is a great way to prevent injury and keep pets and kids safe around the door. Some motion sensors are sophisticated enough to detect the difference between a person and an object. This means you can open the door without worrying about potential harm.

Safety Reversal System

This technology reverses the door’s movement if it comes into contact with an obstruction. This is a great way to protect your family from getting injured if someone accidentally gets in the way of an opening or closing door. To be effective, this system should be tested monthly to make sure it’s operating properly. It should also be tested when you make adjustments to the door.

Keyless Entry

Modern garage doors come with keyless entry systems for added convenience and security. This feature typically requires a code to open the door, making it difficult for someone to gain access without authorization. This is especially important for families with young children, as it prevents them from gaining access to the garage without your knowledge. In addition, it can also help deter potential intruders.

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Rolling Code Technology

Some garage door openers come with rolling code technology that changes the access code each time you use it. This ensures that no one can gain entry without your permission, even if they have figured out your original code. This is a great way to add extra security and peace of mind, especially if you’re worried about intruders or possible break-ins.

Emergency Release Mechanism

This feature allows you to open the door in an emergency manually. This is a great safety measure if your power goes out or the door becomes stuck. It’s important to ensure you understand how to operate this system safely. However, it’s important to note that this feature can be a security risk if used improperly. Keeping the manual release mechanism out of reach of children and intruders is important.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors are an important garage door safety feature. This technology uses light to detect whether or not the door is open or closed. If the door is open and an obstruction is detected, it will stop it from closing to injury. These sensors are great at preventing accidental injuries and protecting your property from intruders. They also help ensure that the door is properly closed when not in use.

Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors detect when the door is being opened or closed too quickly and will stop the door from operating. This is a great way to prevent injury if someone accidentally opens the door too quickly. It’s important to ensure that these are properly tested and adjusted regularly to ensure they are working as intended.

Making sure you have the right garage door safety features for your garage door is a great way to prevent accidents and protect your home. It’s important to research the safety features of any garage door you may be considering and ensure it has all the necessary safety measures before making a purchase.