Effective Keyword Research Strategy for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

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Social media marketing is an essential aspect for every business now. It does not matter whether a business conducts its work physically or online. Now, every company focuses on social media presence and activity. Garment companies such as Forever21 advertise their sales and new collections on social media, and internet companies showcase their bundles, such as Spectrum internet packages. Any business ignoring this aspect is missing a major marketing opportunity.

Effective Keyword Research Strategy for Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Nowadays, many people make their purchase decisions while surfing through social media. For example, you find an ad for the perfect pair of jeans on Facebook, and then go to the website to buy it. This has become the norm rather than the exception these days. Resultantly, companies invest considerably in social media marketing, and target their efforts accordingly. Social media is a hub for potential customers, and is at the forefront of marketing efforts.

Keyword Research Strategy for Social Media Platforms

Keyword research is the most important part of social media marketing, and you must do it properly. However, not all social media platforms deal with keywords in the same way, so you must conduct your research separately for each tool. Here’s how you can conduct effective keyword research for the major social media platforms on a case-by-case basis.


Twitter has become quite an intuitive tool over the years. Previously, hashtags played a crucial role in what topics trend on the microblogging platform. Now, the search functionality has improved, so whether someone has dedicated hashtags or not, trending topics and posts show up in the search bar. All you have to do is look for the relevant keywords pertaining to your company’s purposes and get started! In addition, you must use its in-built audience analytics tool to ensure you’re gearing your content towards the right demographics. Basically, this tool enables you to get better reach and more engagement by targeting your posts to those who matter.


While Instagram is a primarily visual platform, keywords do play a major role in its post ranking. All the top posts in the discover feed contain a large number of hashtags. These greatly boost a post’s ranking and makes it visible to the relevant audience. To get the most bang out of your buck, you should target multiple hashtags in each post or use Upleap.

Effective Keyword Research Strategy for Social Media Marketing Campaigns - social media


While Pinterest doesn’t have its own audience insight or keyword research tool, you can check the search bar to see what topics are trending. Then, you can target your posts accordingly. In addition, check out the Explore tab on this platform. It will let you know what type of posts are trending, and what topics you should cover.


Due to the sheer volume of videos uploaded on YouTube every day, effective keyword research is a must to get your content across. As Google is its parent company, its keyword tools pretty much work in the same way. A great way to tackle it is to conduct ‘wildcard’ searches. This basically means you enter part of a search term and insert an underscore ( _ ) in place of a missing term. YouTube will give the best suggestions for the missing word. In addition, you can simply use YouTube’s search bar to see what the top results are for your specific keywords and phrase them accordingly.


In the case of Facebook, keywords themselves don’t play a major role. Instead, its own audience targeting mechanisms serve its purposes well. They target content according to audience interests and other demographics. So, to rank well on Facebook, you must be aware of who your audience is. The good news is that Facebook’s own tools are very helpful for this purpose and guide you efficiently.

Now What? Organizing Keyword Research Data

All this research may seem daunting, but all you have to do is organize it properly. Keep a Google or Excel sheet where you have different tabs for each platform. On this sheet, keep track of what keywords you’re targeting, how much you’re spending on them, and the consequent results. This will help you plan your posts accordingly. In conclusion, keyword research is not a one size fits all solution for social media marketing. You have to consider the nuances of each platform and plan your content intuitively. This will set you apart from competitors who only do surface-level research and make you stand out.

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