Facebook banners and why do we need to talk about it

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Why is it important to make a pleasant appeal on social media? How valuable is your Facebook cover photo? Social marketing on Facebook is a bit different than on other platforms. Here the thoughtful design of your personal or business account can result in increased engagement with your page. And, as a result, make you or your brand more noticeable.

Facebook banners and why do we need to talk about it

Many users try to customize their own pages. But the results often are not quite satisfying. With a Facebook page banner template you can save your time and sanity. There are more than 50 thousand professional templates with 50 million art resources for your project. Create a perfect design to sell a product, promote your art or attract more visitors to your page. This article will briefly explain to you how to make it happen.

Making a banner for Facebook

As mentioned before, you can choose to make it by yourself on any platform. Or create it by using an editor with an intuitive interface. The minimal size of a Facebook banner should be 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels tall on a desktop. But it’s not that simple, hence the size of a cover for the mobile version – 640px wide by 360px tall. It is important to keep the golden mean in mind when making a banner that is suitable for computer and mobile versions. So, it should be 820px wide by 360 px tall. Facebook doesn’t stretch images for fitting, so the quality stays the same, but instead it crops them. You should remember that Facebook will crop the top and bottom of the image on the desktop, left and right on the phone. So, to make sure that no important information will be missed on your image, keep elements closer to the center. This will ensure that your image will be visible on any device.
Facebook banners and why do we need to talk about it - Facebook banner

What should you use for a cover photo?

It depends on the type of activity or business you’re trying to promote and should affect your target audience. Here are several ideas for a Facebook banner:

  1. Show the benefits and features of your product or activity in an illustration – this will help people to quickly understand what the page is all about.
  2. Advertisement of upcoming events – an upcoming webinar or conference can get your possible audience intrigued.
  3. Team photo – can show that your business is real to gain trust from clients.
  4. User generated content – fanarts, drawings, and positive feedback with a photo of your client is an authentic way to build trust with your clients.

After checking that the size of the image is right and the context is correct you can upload it to VistaCreate. By using the editor, you can add fonts, shapes and also create your own design with pre-made templates.

The result

The right choice of Facebook banner can help you create the image that will attract your target audience. It will also keep your current subscribers (if there are) motivated to watch your activity. More people you will bring to your page – the faster you achieve your goal. Good luck!

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