Easy Ways to Clean Cat’s Hair

Easy ways to clean cat's hair

Cats can be adorable, fun, and pleasant to have in the house. They are playful and often have a cute personality that can be overwhelming. However, most people who live with cats will attest that it can be difficult to clean after these little creatures. In this article, we are going to show you seven easy ways to clean cat’s hair.

A lint roller

A simple way to clean your cat’s hair is rolling it on your clothes. You can use a packing tape or masking tape if your lint roller is empty. With the sticky side down, apply it to your clothes and then wait for the fur to disappear.

Pet hair remover attachment of a vacuum cleaner

Most vacuum cleaners have special brushes that can remove cat fur from carpets and furniture, simply choose one that won’t hurt your budget. The best part is that you can get a good piece for a reasonable price. Visit sites like https://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/top-cleaners-for-bare-hardwood-floors for the best vacuums for hardwood floors.

Cat-hair remover glove

This is a special glove that comes with a rubberized surface for rubbing across bedding or furniture. It is suitable for quick cleanups as opposed to big fur removal projects. You can use a rubber or latex glove for emergency cleanups (like when your friends are arriving in fifteen minutes).

White vinegar

For heavily furred bedding or clothing, white vinegar can be highly effective at loosening the hairs from fabric fibers. Simply mix in half a cup of white vinegar when doing your laundry. To curb the unpleasant smell of the vinegar, consider putting a natural floral sachet in the dryer.

The dryer

Another clever way to clean cat’s hair from your items is running them through the dryer on heat mode before doing laundry. The cat fur is dislodged by the tumbling motion and ends up in the lint filter. Remember to clean the filter before drying the clothes, as this residue not only affects drying efficiency, but it could also start a fire.

Easy ways to clean cat's hair - cat hair sweeper

Carpet rake or rubber broom

A carpet rake or rubber broom can go a long way towards removing pet hair from low pile carpets that may be out of the reach of a vacuum cleaner.

Damp cloth

A damp cloth is great for cleaning fur from furniture. Simply dampen a sponge or washcloth and then rub it over your furniture.

How to hide cat hair using certain colors and patterns

There are certain instances when you may not have the time to clean up your pet’s hair, but still don’t want to leave it all over the place. The following ideas can come in handy.

Avoid saturated colors

These include bright teal, black, and burgundy, which tend to highlight the cat’s fibers.

Try Oriental rugs

While these feature vivid color palettes, they have excellent patterns for hiding cat fur.

Washable furniture covers

You can also make your work easier when cleaning off your kitty’s fur from your belongings by using washable furniture covers or throw blankets.

Stick with patterns

Using fabrics with neutral colors or tweedy fabrics in different shades can hide a number of things. Tweed, in particular, has the ability to hold onto fur — which makes it harder to clean. You can even cover your furniture with batik tapestries to protect them from your cat’s fur.

Other patterned rugs are effective as well. Just steer away from very light colors, as these may not work at hiding cat hair even when in patterns. What’s more, light colored rugs tend to show dirt easily.

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