How to Easily Secure Your Yard

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Home security is paramount. Many homeowners are willing to spend fortunes to ensure that the safety of their homes is top. When it comes to enhancing security, it’s important not to forget your backyard. Thieves have a habit of jumping the backyard fence to gain access to the backdoor. This is a weak point since back doors are known to have lower security than the front doors.

How to Easily Secure Your Yard

Here, we shall continue to shed light on some proven ways you can secure your yard.

Keep it Locked

The first and most essential step to enhancing your backyard’s safety is keeping the side or back gate locked at all times. With the locks in play, you make it hard for the burglars to gain access. You can invest in quality locks and padlocks from your local store. The good thing about going for quality locks is that they are hard to pick. This, therefore, means that the breaking may raise the alarm. Besides, the thieves may opt for an easy-access yard over yours to save time.

Set a Tall and Strong Fence

What’s an ideal backyard fence? A perfect fence should be secure. It should not be easy to climb or break through. Therefore, it’s recommended that you go for tall and robust walls when setting your fence. According to specialists at Edmonton Fence Builders, you don’t have to go for expensive fences to improve security. Wooden fences, for example, when done professionally, can guarantee a long-lasting solution. If you are looking to add a wall that you won’t have to worry about, you can consider the ones made from vinyl. Chain link fences can as well be considered if your yard is large. With a professional onboard, you can be sure to get an appealing wall and that will keep thieves at bay.

Light up the Yard

Many homeowners take the effort of lighting their front part of their homes, forgetting the back. It’s wrong as leaving the area dark creates a vacuum for burglars to try their luck. The best way to ensure that the yard is safe is by installing lights. Motion sensing lights, mostly, work best here as they keep the thieves away. These are lights designed to turn on when they detect motion. No thief will dare break into a yard that is fitted with such lights. Today, and thanks to tech advancements, there are many options to choose from. It’s advisable to install solar-powered lights, in this case, to save on energy costs.

Get a Dog

Over time, dogs have been known to be man’s best friends. Psychologists have stated the many benefits that come with owning one. They are the best companions and can assist those who have mental conditions. Apart from health benefits, dogs can help with enhancing security. They are known to be active and can hence alert you when there is an intruder. According to statistics, the dog’s size does play a role when it comes to determining security. This means that with a big dog, thieves are less likely to attempt to break-in. If you don’t have a dog at home, you can try attaching a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign on your fence. With this, you are likely to scare off intruders as no one would dare to deal with these animals regardless of the size.

How to Easily Secure Your Yard - dog

Don’t Forget to Add Security Cameras

Another way to scare off the burglars is installing security cameras around the perimeter of your yard. No thief would dare jump your yard knowing well that he or she is being recorded. When it comes to installing video cameras, it will help if you went for those with night vision. This is when most break-ins take place. Also, those with motion detection technology are beneficial as they assist with acquiring a detailed file. Your cameras should also be weatherproof to allow recording even in those crazy weathers. When it comes to using video cameras, ensure that they are easily visible to the intruder. This freaks them off. Also, ensure that they are positioned high enough. This ensures that the cameras can’t be reached easily without a ladder, making it harder for the burglars to break-in.

Avoid Leaving Ladders Lying in the Yard

Most burglars don’t bother bringing their ladders to the scene. Therefore, you shouldn’t make things easy for them by leaving one lying around. It would be a waste of time investing in a long and robust fence to leave the ladder lying carelessly in the yard. Instead, you should ensure that you keep in a locked area. It would also be best if you secured all the other tools you use in your backyard in a safe place.

Install a Wireless Alarm

How far are you willing to go with the security of your backyard? Most homeowners are willing to do all it takes as long as it guarantees maximum security. Going for a wireless alarm is one way to start. These are advanced tools that use tech to detect motion. They are added around the perimeter. If an intruder trips a sensor, the alarm receiver, usually in the house, goes off. They are suitable early warning devices. They can be used for detecting anything from human intruders to animals. The fantastic thing about these alarms is that they give you sufficient time to inform the authorities before even the burglar notices.

Avoid Bushy Yards

Overgrown and bushy yards may appear cool until they turn out to be a hideout for burglars. It’s, therefore, recommended that you keep your yard trimmed. Reducing the bushes even helps create more open space. If you find bushes amazing, you should consider the pointy kind as burglars can hardly hide.

How to Easily Secure Your Yard - bushy yard

The security of your yard is as important as that of the front area. This is the point most burglars use to access your home as they are often neglected. Highlighted in this piece are some affordable tips you can ensure that the security there is tightened. By going through the article, you will understand which of the ideas you can borrow depending on your yard’s size and willingness to spend.

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