Early Signs of Roof Damage You Should Look Out For

You do not have to wait until when your roof collapses to know it is damaged. There are visible early signs that you can use to know if your roof is okay or needs repair and replacement. What are the symptoms?

Early Signs of Roof Damage You Should Look Out For

In this article, we are going to review these early signs to enable you to keep your roof in check:

1. Dark or Dirt Areas of your Roof

When you view your roof and see dirty patches or cracks, be worried. A good roof may take you until 20 years, and near this period, you might see cracks or muddy patches all over, which signify that you require another type of roof. Characteristics of an ideal house include good roofing and well-finished walls. Dirty spots and dark areas might also give signs of molds and other unwanted materials growing on your roof. They should be checked and be removed immediately to avoid further damage.

2. Missing Shingles

What are shingles? These are roof coverings which overlap each other to give you a perfect roofing layer. When you notice one missing, you need to make a quick step in replacing it and checking on what caused it to fall. There might be rotten timber or a loose end that couldn’t fill the other. Specialists from GRP Roofing recommend replacing a worn-out roof as soon as possible to avoid damage to your house, regardless of the type and make. By so doing, you help save on cost while preventing further damages in the house that may result from the damage.

3. Signs of leakage in your Home or Attic

Does your house have an attic? Do you regularly check it? If not, then you should. A leaking attic is one of the signs that your roof is not okay and might be damaged. Different occurrences cause roof damage. If one of the shingles is not in its place, or your cement floor has cracks, then you need a replacement. If you notice mold growing, a mild, wet timber, or leaking water in your ceiling, it is time to take precautions.

Early Signs of Roof Damage You Should Look Out For - water

4. Granules and Sand at your compound

You might find Sand or other granules at your compound or on the driveway. What might be the cause? The first step is to inspect your roof. The wind might be blowing some of the loose particles. The wind is one of the aspects that cause roof damage. When this problem is left to persist, you might experience leakages or your roof caving down due to weak joints. Once you notice any suspicious material from your roof, call your professional urgently to check on it.

5. Sagging roof

Do you notice anything funny with your roof? If yes, it’s time to take a step and check what’s causing it. It might be broken timber, loose nails, loose shingles, or missing covers. Another reason your roof might sag might be because of the weight, such as overhead tanks, added layers, or weak joints. Call your builder immediately if you notice such abnormalities. Some of the factors you might consider in this list include; exposed nails, noise during windy days, and some funny looking items on top of your roof. Ensure you call a professional immediately you notice one or some of the ways listed in this article. Remember, it is easier to repair than to fix the whole roof. If the cause is due to your roofing materials’ old age, consider having a new roof.

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