Should I Dust or Vacuum First?

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Keeping your home clean and tidy is not just about looking good, it’s about being healthy. Dust is a problem for many people with allergies and other conditions, and it settles everywhere as well as hanging in the air. Regular dusting of your surfaces will certainly help, and there are other things you can do to help keep things clean and tidy. The vacuum cleaner is among the most used of all household appliances, as well as the most useful! So, should you dust or vacuum first?

Should I Dust or Vacuum First

Before we consider that, it’s notable that of late more people have been searching online for advice on how to deep clean your house. It’s no surprise that this has become a popular request over the past few months, as the world has been dealing with the covid-19 pandemic. Stuck at home, people have been getting down to cleaning areas where they may not have touched before, and that can only be a positive thing. If you’ve got into a routine of dusting and hoovering you will have noticed how much better everything looks, and you’ll want to continue. So, let’s see which should come out first – the duster, or the vacuum cleaner.

Which Is First?

It’s a question that many people have asked, and there are some surprisingly simple answers as to why you should always do the dusting before you start with the household appliances such as the vacuum. Dust is tiny particles of debris that floats in the air when disturbed – hence aggravating those allergies – and then settles on the first surface it comes to. It’s nasty stuff, and you’ll find that you have more of it if you have pets. Dog and cat hair mixes with dust and becomes part of the problem. If you vacuum first, when you come to dust those surfaces you will simply disturb the dust, and it will settle on the floor.

Get the duster out and wipe over all your surfaces. If you do suffer dust allergies, doing this with a damp cloth can help. Once you’ve done all the surfaces, leave things for a few minutes so the dust can settle. Only then will you be sure of getting rid of it with the vacuum cleaner. You need to go slowly and carefully too, so that you ensure you cover all the space available, and once you’re done you can sit down in a clean house – until the dogs and cats come in and make a mess again! Then there’s the constant walking over carpets by the family, bringing dirt in from outdoors. What can you do to limit this? Here are a few ideas.

Should I Dust or Vacuum First - vacuum

Buy a Good Vacuum

Pets bring us great pleasure, but they also add to the household chores! You may be interested in checking out vacuum cleaners designed for households with pets and investing in one of them. They are excellent at getting rid of dog and cat hairs and will deal with the dust at the same time. Inexpensive and easy to use, you’ll also find the keep the allergic reactions at bay so you can live a more comfortable life.

Once you get into the routine of dusting then vacuuming, you’ll find it something you do without thinking. You may be surprised how quickly a dusted surface become dusty again, but that’s simply because dust is ever present in even the cleanest of homes. Dust with a damp cloth, wait a few minutes, then give the room a good going over with the vacuum, and you’ll have the cleanest home of all.

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