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The living room is one of the most important areas in your house. It is the space where families spend most of their time when indoors aside from the kitchen. It is an area where you entertain your loved ones and guests, making it the idyllic place to relax. If you visit most homes in Singapore, you’ll likely find the occupants in the living room. The essential nature of this space means homeowners go to great lengths to furnish and decorate it perfectly. The choice of living room furniture is critical as it enhances the functionality of the room and also impacts the aesthetics. When choosing furniture for your living room, you have to think beyond what each item will do but consider how it will fit into your décor style.  Other factors that should influence the furniture choice include space, expected traffic flow, the focal point of the room, room layout, room lighting and other factors.

Living Room Furniture you'll Love in 2020

Ready to add some glamour to your living room? You have an array of furniture options. While sofas and tables are a staple in living room decoration, this is 2020, and you can let your creativity flow. This post looks at some furniture options that you’ll love.

Fireplaces and Stoves

A fireplace or stove is not the first thing that comes to mind when planning your living room decoration. However, if you want a unique living space that’s comfy and welcoming, you have to think outside the box. A fireplace adds a laid-back and romantic touch to the living settings. It adds to the warmth of your home and you’ll always look forward to getting home and relaxing around this space on cold evenings. You have many fireplace and stove options on the market such as wall-mounted fireplaces, electric stoves, eco-friendly stoves, stainless steel recessed and portable fireplaces, to mention a few. These furnishings not only give your living home a classical touch but also make it more stylish.

Reclining Sofas and Sectionals

Forget about the bland looking sofas that you find in most homes. This is 2020, and you should pamper yourself with a comfy reclining sofa. Your family will love the added luxury that comes with these pieces. From morning coffee to movie nights, you’ll love using your recliner. It is the smartest addition to your living room, and what’s more, these seats have some health benefits.  They help relieve stress as you unwind in their comfort. They also help relieve aching joints and pains, and they can aid with blood circulation. There’s an array of styles to choose from including reversible sectionals. Reclining chairs, powered or automatic recliners, manual rocker swivel sofas, massage chairs and living room recliner sets and many others. These are the most popular items at most living room furniture stores today due to their versatility and elegance.


A loveseat can elevate your living room, and you can build everything else around it. These seats are slightly shorter than couches which helps you maximize available space. These are the ideal seating solutions for most apartments. A loveseat can also add personality and a sense of comfort to your living space. The best designs of these seats are welcoming and luxurious. They not only provide a seating solution but also impact the look of your living room. It is easy to customize a loveseat to your décor. Some of these come with a matching table or couch. Whenever you wish to rearrange your room, you’ll find it easy because these seats are easy to move around.

Living Room Furniture you'll Love in 2020 - loveseats


The ottoman is one of the most versatile items of furniture you can add to your living room. The design of modern ottoman has come a long way, but this piece remains one of the oldest and most popular ways to furnish a living room. Ottomans offer shared space seating and storage, which is a huge benefit for apartment dwellers with open floor plans. You can still use ottomans as footrests if you add couches or sofas and the best part is that they are beautiful and add to the room’s décor. Ottomans come in different colors, shapes and sizes, and you’ll find them fun and visually appealing when decorating your living room. You can use them as coffee tables, showpieces to add beauty and many other functions. If you wish to maximize available space in your apartment, it’s time to check available Ottoman styles at leading furniture stores.


One type of furniture that book and magazine lovers should consider in 2020 is a bookcase. You have a wide range of awesome bookcase designs to suit any house. From standard design bookcases, cube bookcases, barrister bookcase design, modular bookcases, corner design bookcase to leaning bookcase you can install the type that suits you. You can also choose the bookcase materials such as wood, metal, laminate and glass all in different styles such as contemporary, traditional, rustic, coastal and industrial.

Wrapping Up

Retouching your living room with magnificent furniture will give your home an elegant and glamorous makeover. You have a wide range of furniture options to choose from which are both functional and aesthetically appealing. Take time to consider your family needs, décor needs and start with these ideas to redecorate your living room.

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