Do It Yourself: 6 Essential Tools for Your Garage Door Installation

Whether you are a homeowner or a DIYer, there are many things to consider when installing your garage door.

6 Essential Tools for Your Garage Door Installation

If you want to save money but still end up with a good garage door installation, then you will need to get the right tools for the job or hire professional that deals in garage door repair around Lake Park to assist you.

#1 Power Drill

While a regular plug-in drill is fine for your garage door installation, you can work more conveniently and perhaps even more efficiently with a cordless power drill. A cordless rechargeable drill offers more flexibility since you can reach into hard-to-reach areas and you don’t have to worry about tripping over or moving around without tugging the cord.

#2 Tape Measure and Pencil

A well-sharpened carpenter’s pencil is a vital tool when you’re doing garage door installation. And you’ll need to use your tape measure frequently to mark distances and points where you need to drill.

#3 Stepladder

You’ll most probably need a stepladder when installing a garage door since you have to work on the rails from the ceiling. Make sure the step ladder you intend to use is in good working condition with all the steps securely attached, and the legs properly aligned so that the supports can engage appropriately. Don’t be tempted to stand and stretch on the very top step if your ladder isn’t tall enough. Instead, get a taller stepladder for your own safety.

6 Essential Tools for Your Garage Door Installation - ladder

#4 Power Screwdriver

While a regular screwdriver will still do the job, you’ll be able to save time and energy by using a power screwdriver. Ensure that you have both flat head and star head blades in various sizes because the installation will most likely require using both sets.

#5 Spirit Level

It is important to make sure that the rails on your garage door are level for your garage door to open and close smoothly and properly. You can only achieve this by using a spirit level during installation. A spirit level will enable you to ensure the rails are plumb and level horizontally. A 3-foot-long level is ideal for this job since a shorter one won’t be very useful here.

#6 Sockets and Wrenches

You need to have wrenches and a set of sockets with a ratchet to perform the garage door installation since there are numerous bolts and nuts used in the process. The size of the wrench will usually depend on the type of garage door. However, the manufacturer’s installation guide should inform you about the appropriate sizes you need. Ensure that you have an entire set of sockets along with their drivers so that you’re ready for any unforeseen eventualities. If you expect to get the best results during your garage door installation, it is important to make sure that you have all the essential tools in hand. In case you don’t have all the tools required, it’s best to contact a professional that deals in garage door repair around Lake Park to assist you.

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