Do it Yourself: 5 DIY tips on Decorating Your Home

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Decorating your whole home to suit your personality and style can be lots of fun, but it can also be very expensive. The stress of finding the right professional and then trusting them to make your house a home can ruin the excitement of re-styling your property.

5 DIY tips on Decorating Your Home

Often you don’t need a professional to decorate your home, for those of you who don’t want to be splashing the cash you can do some home improvement hacks by taking decorating into your own hands. Grab your paintbrush and get ready to follow our DIY tips on decorating, to spice up your home.

Pick Personalised Art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive, old pieces you buy from a high-end gallery. You can buy it online and personalise the piece with the art prints of your pets. Hang a modern piece of art on your wall to make your home look more stylish and personal. A modern design of your cat or dog will truly make your home feel like yours. And your cat will be pleased!

Paint Your Walls

Do it yourself by buying paints and brushes. It’s a fun activity to do with your partner and you’ll feel in control of decorating your own home. If you’re unsure about which colours to use, stick to neutral, light colours that bring in light. Remember to cover the carpet before you begin painting!

Hang Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall is exactly what you need to have in your living room! It’s a quick and easy way to bring light into a room whilst making the room look bigger. Have a large one in your living room, and if you have a fireplace put it above it. Remember to place mirrors about your home; a crucial one is the bathroom mirror.

Pot some Plants

If you already have a plant, like a succulent, you can take a cutting by chopping off the first few centimeters of a new growth. Then place it into a pot of moist compost. Taking your cuttings and planting them will reduce the cost of buying more plants.

5 DIY tips on Decorating Your Home - living room

Update the Old

Renovate tired, old objects with paint. Outdated kitchen cabinets can get a new lease of life but simply being painted. Choose the perfect colour for your kitchen by deciding on a palette you’ll use in the room. If you’re unsure then stick to white or cream cabinets as that’s a good base colour to introduce colourful objects.

Enjoy Decorating…

Doing it yourself is a lot of fun and can become a great project to invest time in. The results will make you feel proud and give you the satisfaction that you’ve created a home the suits you. A simple object, like a mirror, can instantly make your room look more together and vibrant. If you feel inspired to get crafty then you can start thinking about how you want to style your place and begin decorating your home.

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