4 Home Improvement Hacks that You Can Tackle Today

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Some people are DIY fanatics, while others would just as soon hire someone to do even the smallest job. It’s nice if you can hire someone to handle any home improvement task that you have, but that does cost money, and maybe you’re looking to conserve your savings. If you have a less-ambitious project, that could be why you want to attempt some of the smaller improvements yourself. That’s why we composed this comprehensive home improvement hacks guide for average homeowner.

4 Home Improvement Hacks that Just About Anyone Can Tackle Today

At the same time, you should understand that when you fix up your house, it raises the home’s value. When it is time for you to move on, you can get more money for it if you’ve kept up with the improvements it needs. Let’s go over a few of the smaller DIY projects that most homeowners can handle without bringing in the pros.

Minor Roof Repairs

Some people shy away from roof repairs. You might have an individual who’s afraid of heights. Others might not feel like they have the right equipment to get up on the roof. In reality, all you usually need is a ladder to reach your roof. It’s also an easy matter to carry up the tools that you need. You don’t have to purchase a motorized gantry crane or anything that extreme.

If your roof needs a total tear-off, then it’s not likely you can handle that on your own. However, if you see that violent rainstorms have ripped off some shingles, you should be able to do that without calling a roofer. You can watch a YouTube video or two, and that should tell you what materials and tools you need. Doing this yourself will definitely save you money.

Installing a New, Harder-Flow Showerhead

Many showerheads have a low-flow feature which makes it hard for you to get a nice, hard spray. You might be okay with that, but many individuals want some more serious water pressure. Otherwise, you won’t feel clean. What you may not always realize is that the issue is not with your pipes. It’s with your showerhead. You can fix this by going on Amazon and selecting a harder-flow showerhead that will give you that pressure you crave.

Once it arrives, you can also install it without too much trouble. Generally, all that you have to do is unscrew the current showerhead and affix the new one. The one thing that you’ll want to remember is to wrap plumber’s tape around the connection between the showerhead and the stem from which it protrudes. If you don’t do that, you might get leaks.

Add Window Shutters

Some houses look rather plain or drab. You might have a home that looks just like the ones on either side of it, particularly if you know the same architect designed all of them and built them at the same time. You can certainly paint your house a different color from the others, but that takes a lot of time and effort. You can achieve an easier effect if you buy and install some window shutters.

installing window shutters

It’s not usually too challenging to do this. You’ll likely need a ladder for the ones on the upper floors, but you can handle the ones on the ground level in a matter of minutes. It’s a little more labor-intensive if you have something like brick, but if you have vinyl siding or something along those lines, this job is a snap. Make sure you get a color that goes with the house nicely. You don’t want shutters that completely clash with the existing color scheme.

Add a New Backsplash to Your Bathroom or Kitchen Sink

Your easy home project hack might be using a backsplash to update an older kitchen or bathroom. You can purchase tiles that you think will go with what you already have. Once you pick out the right color and style, you can cover up the existing wallpaper, or you can remove old, outdated backsplash and replace it with more modern-looking tiles. Like the roofing work, you’ll want to watch some videos about how to do this, but you’ll find that it’s nowhere near as challenging as you might suspect.

Some new backsplash won’t add functionality, but it can do wonders if you’re thinking about aesthetic appeal. You do not need to spend tens of thousands of dollars updating the entire bathroom or kitchen if you get some bold tiles that give the place a distinctly modern look. Any of these are DIY home improvement hacks that less ambitious homeowners should be able to handle.

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