DIY Rocks: How To Cut Through Stone Like A Pro

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Natural stone has a luxurious and timeless appeal when applied to any structure. Stone structures are surprisingly sturdy and are capable of lasting for centuries. Buildings, fences, walls, and other stoneworks from the medieval era still stand proud today. Architects, homeowners, and real estate professionals are inspired by the immortal qualities of stone structures and try to recreate these stunning works of art. Thanks to modern tools and equipment, DIY stonework projects can now be done with pro-like quality.

wall out of stone with clean cuts

To take your home improvement and renovation project to the next level, we will share some tips on how you can cut through stone like a pro and make splendid stoneworks.

Use a Circular Saw

If your stonework project doesn’t take up a large area such as paving or a wall design, use a circular saw to make clean cuts. Professional painters and decorators from recommend cutting stone with a smooth finish to make it easier to apply paint to your project later. One important thing you should remember is to cut the stone while wet. Cutting a stone dry can give off a dense silica dust cloud, which is highly irritating and dangerous to the respiratory system. If possible, use a steady, open water source directly on the stone while cutting. Make sure to mark the stone you are going to with a waterproof marker or chalk to make it easier to cut along your mark. Circular saw cutting using a water source makes the surface clean while being cut, allowing the cutter to follow the set lines.

Use a Concrete Saw

A concrete saw, also known as a demolition saw, is a heavy-duty version of the circular saw which you can use for making clean cuts on stone slabs. This power tool has abrasive diamond blades with teeth, making it useful in cutting various hard materials like steel, concrete, masonry, brick, and tiles. For large-scale stone cutting and stonework projects, you can use this tool instead of the circular saw. Like the circular saw, it also needs a steady stream of water to regulate high temperatures generated from cutting and also to prevent the production of silica dust. Most demolition saws are designed with garden hose attachments to keep the stone wet and easy to cut.

Use a Tile Saw

If you want a brick-like finish and straight, guided stone cuts, the tile saw is an excellent tool. This tool has a similar mechanism as a table saw, but is designed for cutting tiles, stone, and concrete accurately. The stone is held in place on a table while the tile saw blade makes a guided cut across the material. Like any type of circular saw, the tile saw has a water basin as its water source for cooling down the blades, and for reducing dust and debris. This is a handy tool for beginners at DIY stone cutting as the setup leaves little room for cutting mistakes.

man chiseling stone

Use a Hammer and Chisel

If your stone cutting project is not that big and does not need clean cuts, you can manually cut stones using a hammer and chisel. You can conveniently cut a few stones without needing to pull out electrical cables, unreel your garden hose, or use gasoline as fuel. You need to mark the stone, score or cut a groove along the marking, and place the chisel on the score or mark and swing the hammer. The stone should split after a few pounds. You may need to chip off protrusions or sharp edges, depending on the quality of the split.

Stone is a versatile material that never goes out of style in any architectural feature or design. Stone is highly durable and might be challenging to work on, but your efforts will pay off once it gets integrated into your home’s structure. The right tools and knowledge can make a difference when it comes to DIY stoneworks. With a few practice runs and trial and error, you can cut stone like a pro – a DIY achievement you can be proud of.

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