5 DIY Projects to Do at Home After Summer 

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So summer is nearly over, and you are staring down the barrel of a cold winter with plenty of time indoors. This can actually be a good thing as this is a great time to get things done around the house. Put your time inside to good use with some DIY easy fixes that will keep your home in great shape, preparing it for when warm temps return, and it’s time to get back outside.

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Read on for our easy and affordable home DIY projects, perfect for when summer ends.

Project #1: Give the ceiling fan some attention

Your ceiling fan probably got a fair workout during summer. It spends the rest of the seasons getting loaded with dust, and we often forget that it needs to be cleaned and possibly serviced. The last thing you want is a broken fan when the weather warms again, and cleaning it takes just a few minutes. We recommend using a ceiling fan duster, which you can run over each fan blade. You also need to give some extra attention to cleaning the top of the motor housing, as built-up grime can get into the components and cause some expensive damage. Always remember to vacuum the floor below when you are finished. If you want to be a bit more thorough, wipe each blade with a microfiber cleaning cloth and some warm soapy water. We recommend wearing a dust mask and setting up a drop cloth on the nearby furnishings, as fans can get extremely dusty!

Project #2: Create some outdoor palette furniture

In case you are not looking for ideas on how to tile an outdoor table, pallets have become a popular home decorating material that can either be used whole or as individual boards to create kitchen cabinets, patio furniture, and pretty much anything your imagination allows! Pallets are an inexpensive material that creates a chic look along with being a fun do-it-yourself weekend project. Check out some clever ways you can create garden decor using pallets here.


Project #3: Recaulking the bathtub

All of those summer showers for a quick cooldown have probably led to a tub surrounded by blackened caulk, which is an easy fix and a great way to help your shower area look fresh again.

This process is pretty simple:

  1. Cut away the old caulk using a painter’s 5-in-1 tool and utility knife
  2. Disinfect the area with a bleach-based cleaner
  3. Allow the area to dry
  4. Caulk the cleaned-out joint with tub-tile silicone caulk
  5. Let it dry

Just like that, you’ll have a new-looking bathroom with reliable seals that won’t let water get anywhere it shouldn’t. Nothing better than a DIY fix that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing!

Project #4: Tend to those squeaky doors

An easy project that your family will thank you for is the removal of annoying door squeaks! Simply remove each hinge pin one at a time by inserting a nail and tapping it using a hammer (remove the hinge cap first if the hinge is closed). Wipe the pin clean with WD40 or motor oil, then slip it back in. That is all it takes, and your squeaks will be no more!

Project #5: Declutter the home

Now is the time to free up some space and adopt a more minimalist feel to your home. You have two options here:

  1. Take some things to the tip
  2. Opt for an inexpensive storage option for bulky items you rarely use

Either way, this can be easy with a little help from a Man with a Van who can transport your clutter elsewhere, so you have a neater home that offers more space to enjoy.

Make yourself handy this winter

Time stuck inside when it’s wet and cold outside doesn’t have to be wasted! These super easy DIY projects won’t take a lot of time, and you’ll feel accomplished and enjoy your home more once they are done. Start with these options, and you may be inspired to keep going with some more projects. Did somebody say feature wall?

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