4 DIY Projects That Will Help You Create the Home Office of Your Dreams

Transitioning from office work to working-from-home for the first time can be a culture shock. If you are among the overwhelmed, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Take the opportunity to get creative in your space.

4 DIY Projects That Will Help You Create the Home Office of Your Dreams

If you’re looking to shift part of your home to an office, but don’t know where to start, look no further. Read on to discover four DIY projects to add to your home office. Also, check out blogs like Box Room Office for inspiration. Let’s get started!

1. A Customized Office Desk

The desk is the staple of a well-functioning home office. If you don’t have a desk, you’re usually stuck working from your bed, couch, or kitchen table. None of the options listed above are helpful to your productivity. In comes project number one: a custom office desk. You have complete freedom here to design the desk of your dreams. Whether you want it to be sleek and modern or homey is up to you. Of course, you don’t have to build the whole base DIY, since you can order a simple desk then customize it how you wish from there.

2. A Cork Board for Memos

A cork board is a DIY project that can turn your home office into a work zone where you feel ready to crush the day. Plus, the construction doesn’t take long, nor do you need an extensive amount of supplies. All you need is a cork board and some decorations. The options you have for customization are endless. You could tie a ribbon around the middle of your cork board to divide it into sections. You can also paint a portion of the board to organize your memos. If you’ve decided to build a garden office then you can even put the cork board in front of the office.

3. A Keepsake Storage Box for Supplies

When you’re working from home, you can never have enough pencils, paper, and pens. But, even if you have a desk full of drawers, you could run out of space. That’s where additional storage boxes come in. Sure, you could buy average units on Amazon and have a place to put things, but will that help you feel stable about your work? A keepsake box can be whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s an old treasure box you had as a child or something you picked up from an online store is up to you. The beauty comes in the customization. Remember, DIY is all about your style and preference, so have some fun.

4 DIY Projects That Will Help You Create the Home Office of Your Dreams - storage boxes

4. A Phone Stand

An essential tool in your home office space will be your computer. Your phone will also most likely play a role in your new work-at-home life. But, carrying either device around all day will prove tedious. Your desk holds your computer nicely, but where does that leave your phone? Most likely, you place your phone face up next to your computer while you’re working.

Regularly looking down at your phone can lead to neck pain, but a DIY project can help you out. All you need is two blocks of wood to craft a stand for your phone. Then you can customize the colors and accessories. Alternatively, order a dedicated phone holder from Amazon or similar. Job done! Now you have a phone stand so you can keep track of notifications without straining yourself.

That’s Just Scratching the Surface

There are thousands of DIY projects that you can take on to make your home office the space of your dreams. The four listed in this article can be where you start, or they can be springboards for unique home office designs. Get creative and have fun with your work space.

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