6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts

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Diamond painting is the latest arts and crafts trend to take the community by storm, and it is now one of the most popular DIY activities for people of all ages. It has gained a reputation for being a therapeutic activity where you can relax, disconnect from the world and unleash your inner artist.

6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Diamond Painting, it is a Paint-by-Numbers art form where you create a mosaic painting by sticking small diamond-shaped resins onto a canvas. The painter can follow the numbers or in some cases, symbols and attach the corresponding colored pieces to the page to create a masterpiece. In the end, everything comes together to create a beautiful, sparkling work of art. There are DIY kits available in-stores and online, and you can choose from many themes or customize your picture.

The best thing about Diamond Painting is that it is straightforward, and anyone can do it. There are no skills required, and everything you need is already in the kit. There is a joy in putting together painting, and once you get started, you will soon be doing it every night. But the fun does not end there, and you can use your diamond painting to create something useful and show it off at the same time.

Here are some of the DIY ways you can display or repurpose your diamond paintings.

Frame it

After hours of meticulous work, your diamond painting deserves to be hung on the wall for everyone to see. The glittering diamonds look great in any room, and it is also a much cheaper and more fun alternative to buying art for your walls. Before you hang it up, make sure you use a sealant to prevent the diamond resins from falling off. The sealant gives structure to the painting and makes it easier to mount on a frame. Adding a frame around the canvas can make it look official, so choose a pleasant border that goes well with the painting and will bring all the colors out.

6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts - frame it

Turn it into a Pillow

If you are looking for a decorative throw pillow, then why not make one out of your diamond painting? Embroidered pillows are a great way to add color to the room, and you can place it on your sofa, chair or bed. The diamond painting canvas can be easily transferred on to a pillow cover using craft glue, or if you are a sewing expert, you can make one yourself using some fabric, pillow stuffing and a zipper. However, remember not to lean on them or sit on them because the diamonds can fall off. The throw pillow is a great way to display the painting if you do not have any space on the walls.

6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts - pillow

Make a Notebook Cover

You can customize your journal, notebook or sketchbook with your diamond painting and some handy glue. It is a simple process that can transform a plain, dull cover into something extraordinary. If you have a notebook that is just the right size, then you only need a half-hour to glue the painting to the binding. You can use the notebook yourself or gift it to a loved one, either way, and they will look superb. The diamonds will glitter and catch anyone’s eye whether they’re lying on a table or the bookshelf, so you will be sure to get compliments on your diamond painting.

6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts - notebook cover

Create a Wall Hanging

If framing the painting is too much of a task, then you can create a wall hanging by simply gluing the diamond painting to a blank canvas. It is an easy way to mount your art and hang it anywhere in the house. You will need glue, a staple gun and a canvas that is at least two inches smaller than your painting to execute this DIY wall hanging. All you have to do is cover the canvas in glue and then staple the corners to the edges of the canvas. Many diamond artists employ this method when they want to hang their paintings but don’t want a frame to distract from its beauty.

6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts - wall hanging

Needlepoint Diamond Patterns

If you have a stock of diamond resins from old kits or you ordered extra beads and did not get a chance to use them, then you can make many more cute DIY crafts. There are many projects for diamond beads, and you can finally put that stash to fair use.  One idea is to use needlepoint patterns and grids to create miniature diamond paintings. Needlepoint uses the same sized sections and numbering as diamond painting so you can use them again. Make sure you have the right number of beads of each color and follow the same technique as diamond painting to apply the beads to a canvas. This way, you can create new and smaller versions of diamond art and use it in many different ways.

6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts - pattern

Paint Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is everyone’s favorite time of the year, and we all have our traditions. One of the exciting parts of the holiday is decorating the tree and the cuter the ornaments, the better looking the tree. Handmade ornaments add more charm to the experience, and making them is just as much fun. Diamond resins are the perfect tool for ornaments because they glitter in the light. You can fill leftover diamond beads into small empty jars or containers and hang them on the tree. If you have enough beads to bedazzle a wooden ornament, then you can create a pattern or spell out a word on them to add a personal touch.

6 DIY Ideas for Diamond Painting Enthusiasts - Christmas ornaments

These are only some of the ways you can display your diamond painting or use leftover diamond resins to create your DIY crafts. Let your imagination run wild and use your creativity to turn your masterpiece into something new. There are so many DIY projects out there, and completing a DIY diamond painting is just the first step.

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